AdSense Auto Ads and amp auto ads You Need To Know

Google now officially launch auto ads for the amp. In the past, Google Adsense started amp auto ads in beta testing mode. This can help you to get more revenue from your website. People are complaining they can’t generate revenue as past time after implementing amp version in your website.

Before auto amp ads launch, you can only manually put ads in your amp version website with amp format codes.

Before launch amp auto ads google launched auto ads first for websites and blog owners on February 21, 2018. The big benefit of that you don’t need to maintenance. You just put once in your head tag and google automatically optimize your whole things and serve ads according to it.

How to enable auto ads?

Just follow these steps and enable your auto ads and continue your blog tension free.

  • Log on your Google Adsense account
  • Find auto ads option which is shown on the figure.
  • Click on it and setup auto ads.
  • Configure global setting. Enable all formats and save it.
  • Place code on your blog theme head tag.
  • Go to your WordPress and edit your theme option.
  • Here you find the “head” after that click on it.
  • Now find the head tag and paste the code after head and save it.
  • Your work is done now. After 30 min ads starting showing on your blog or website.

auto ads setup

What is amp by Google?

Amp is a combined project of Google and Twitter to give fast user experience of our website visitors. After launching that Google says they give high rank those websites which use an amp in our website to give fast user experience in slow network speed.

The good thing about this project your website speed becomes high and super fast. I personally experienced this. In the mobile device’s website is loading very slow before that many countries also not provide high-speed connectivity to our users. This is very successful in those counties who do not provide high-speed internet.

How do auto ads work?

This is great work with your blog. Before that people are very confused about how can they put ads on the blog. If some people from the programming background and they work as a programmer they solve their problem because they have knowledge about that. But everyone, not a programmer that why they faced lots of problems when they come in the blogging field. But the main problem faced how can put ads between the article. That’s why they purchase premium theme if they use the free theme. In it not many types of ad placement options present. In the free themes always 2 types ad placements options presents first is header ad and second is sidebar ad.

After auto ads launch all bloggers are happy with it. But some people’s start complaining about auto ads they tell auto ads put too many ads on the blog that’s why visitors start irritating with it. They leave it but google auto ads are based on AI ( artificial intelligence). AI is updating from time to time. It becomes smart now more than the past.

Google says they improving it. It improves over time. it becomes more targeted or user-friendly in the future.

How to setup amp auto ads in WordPress website?

It is very simple if you are using WordPress website. Just follow these steps and your website is ready to serve amp auto ads

  • You need to login in your admin panel of WordPress.
  • After login installs amp plugin in your WordPress website and goes to setting option.
  • Go to the google and open your approved Adsense account.
  • Now select the option auto ads and click on it.
  • After that you see two options one is auto ads and second is amp ads.
  • Click on amp auto ads and copy that codes one by one.
  • After copy past the first code in head tag and second is on the body tag.
  • When you did whole that process scroll to the bottom and click on save changes button on WordPress amp setting which is shown in the figure.

amp auto ads setup

If you want to set up your ads code manually then you chose option advertisement and put your Adsense advertisement code on it.

How amp auto ads gives more benefit as compared to traditional ads?

Auto Ads is fully working on the concept of AI. it is show ads on your website more targeting and meaningful. It scans your full website through machine learning and puts Ads according to your website. Because of that, it is more powerful and beneficial for you. If we talk about traditional ads. The traditional ads put by you which type you want but in it, if you don’t have knowledge about coding you can’t put ads manually by yourself. In it, the big benefit is you chose your space where you want to put your Ads on your website.

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Amp auto ads are good for those blogs who are using amp version in our WordPress website. This can help to generate more revenue for bloggers. Bloggers are complaining after they use amp version or amp plugin using in our website they can’t generate revenue as well as they generating in past. But after importation of auto amp ads may be they generate more revenue.

Many bloggers also told that his revenue improves after using amp auto ads. The good benefit of that you don’t put too many ads code or Javascript in your blog. Just need to set up one code and feel free. The AI system automatically scans your website page and implement ads according to your website or relevant to your article.

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