How to Make Money with Amazon Influencer Program

Recently Amazon has launched the influencer program. The influence program is only for those peoples who have a popular Facebook page, Instagram page, Youtube channel and Twitter account, In the short term who is popular and which have large amount of followers on social media. If you have good amounts of followers in youtube, twitter and others social account then you can get an instant approval for it or if you have facebook or Instagram followers then they takes a few time for your application approval, maybe 15 days as they mentioned.

Now social media influencers are best way to promote any product and company takes advantage of that. They approach social media influencers to sell their products and give them some amount per sale. Before it, Amazon also launched their affiliate programs for influencers but for it, the requirement is too less and anybody can get approval for affiliate account but for influencer program you can’t get approval if you didn’t have a good amount of followers on social media you can’t get approval for it.

Now influencer program of Amazon is working good for them, their seller will do more sales through social media influencers stores. Now maximum famous YouTubers and Instagram users have amazon influencer account and they did a great job for Amazon. Many other e-commerce websites on the internet but they didn’t try this type program but in a way, this is a good thing launched by Amazon. Because millions of people are influenced by the influencers and people also love influencers recommendations.

Now we learn below what is amazon influencer marketing, how to open amazon influencers store, how influencer program is different from the affiliate program and if you have an Amazon influencer store so could you make more sales.

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What is Amazon influence marketing?

Influence marketing is one type of strategic marketing. The business owner makes the hype in the market for their products before launching it. There has only one motive behind it that is When their product launch on the market and that’s sold out in a short time without doing any effort. That why they leak some pictures and news of their products and Some news about it. Influencer marketing is now a very popular thing for brands and services to sell maximum products through it.

Basically, the influence is when some product you like and buy it and that is very good and it fulfills your requirements and performs well so you will recommend it to other people and tell about its benefits so basically you will influence someone to buy this company product.
If you want to become an influencer so you need a good amount of followers who trust you and follow your recommendations. On social media who have millions of followers, they will also work for brands and influence people for brands to buy their products.

So if you have social media accounts with millions of followers, then you have chances to maximize your income through promoting brands and their products and also you can join affiliate programs and amazon influencer program. Amazon influencer program is a new thing on affiliate marketing. This is a new type of affiliate marketing where you can create your store page and include Amazon listed products according to you and sell through your Amazon program page and get a commission on every selling.

lots of blogger and YouTuber are making money that way. If you are a blogger and YouTuber so it is the best method to earn more. Just tell about products on your blog and past buy link on your blog of that product and redirect them to your Amazon influence store page. If they purchase from your page then you will get some commission.

Does it really work?

Yes, it is work but how.

We try to understand with two examples.


  1. We always listen to social media about the product of some company new mobile model pictures leaks before their launching. That not are leaks. they are only trying to make hype on the market about their upcoming product.
  2. If you want to make hype in the market about your service or products so give them some exciting offers and spread the positive things about your products on the market through local influencers. When people always talk about your products or services they get influenced and they always want to buy your product.

How does amazon influencer program work

In this digital world, many companies want to sell their products digitally. It is much effective as compared to offline selling. The company promotes its products on social media platforms with trustworthy people who run their blogs, websites, or YouTube channels or more. Consumers are daily engaged with influencers and they also trust them and follow them. If you are also running a blog or YouTube channel that’s good news for you also. Create influence page on Amazon and customize your product list and sell it and generate extra income from it. now Amazon has launched their influencer program for Indians also. If you want to join it then sign in with your Amazon affiliate account and directly sign up for it in just a few steps that are mentioned below.

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How to create Amazon Influence Page

If you thinking to create influence page on Amazon. We are here to guide how. First, you go to because it is only available it. But shortly available in your influencer

  • Go to URL box and type and click on button get a start.
  • Log in with your Amazon affiliate account after login they ask from you after login
  • Check eligibility if your social account is eligible for it then you will approve to create the account on it otherwise not.
  • After you confirm eligibility you can fill your profile form.
  • After doing the whole process your page is created and ready to add your trusted products & ready to sell.

Why we create amazon influence page

If this question comes to your mind so I really I’ll happy to answer it. If you are a blogger or YouTuber or some other place have followers so this is the best medium to earn extra money through your listed products from your amazon influencer store.
Lots of Bloggers write reviews on their blog related to listed products and divert their readers to their store page.
Through it, they are making millions of dollars. But it totally depends on your blog traffic and writing quality. If your post is good and well written so visitors read about products and it’s reviewed and if they like your recommendations they will go and buy from your store page.

Benefits of Amazon influence page

  • Make your popularity into money
  • Get more money from Amazon influence page
  • Peoples more trust on you
  • It is free and easy to create.

What is the Difference Between the Amazon Influencer Program and Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate program more effectively works as compared to Amazon influencer program but both work on the formula of products promotion and sale. Now we talk about its affiliate program so here is not any type of restrictions like minimum followers and more things. If you want to join and create your own Amazon affiliate account so it simple just you have to go on below and find the like become an affiliate and click on it.

Now a new page opens where you have to fill your data like name, number, bank details, and submit it. In just within a few seconds your account will be activated. And you can share products affiliate links to social media platforms and also where you want. On every sale, you will get a commission. And on another side amazon influencer program where you need a good amount of social media followers to get approval for an account. They did not mention how much followers you need for approval. But if you have youtube and twitter followers so will get instant approval otherwise they take weeks to approve your influencer account.
Another different thing is here you can list your favorite products on your store Page.

How can you promote amazon influencer program store

If you want to sell from your amazon influencer store so you really need to promote it to tell people why your store collections are very good for buyers. So let’s know about how can you promote your store.

Social media Marketing

If you want to promote your influencer store then social media and online marketing is the best option for it. Here you can share your store link and convince people to visit on it and if they like something on it they absolutely buy it. Many people and big companies are using social media platforms to promote their products. Because here are chance’s to engage their products to millions of people. People also love to use social media because here they spend lots of time and they also connected with their friends. So according to the marketing rule always promote your products where is more traffic and where engage peoples.

Facebook – Facebook is a great platform for marketing. Brand more love to advertise their products on FB as compared to any other social networks. If you have some page on Facebook with a decent amount of followers so you can promote your store and products on your page and tell them why your selective products are good and why they purchase it from your store page. Use video to influence peoples and give them your store link on the description.

Instagram– if you are Instagram influencer then the best thing is for you promote cloth, shoes, and more these types thing with pictures. It can give you good results as compared to anything else. On Instagram, peoples are more attracted to dress and make up things so if your audience are girls then you can also promote it.

YouTube – YouTube is the best platform for influencers. If you are running some channel like technical or fashion related then you have the best platform to promote your Amazon store and drive traffic to your Amazon influencer store page. As you can review things on your youtube channel and put their link on the description box and tell people to buy from your store because it is tested by me and 100 percent good and genuine product. If people’s trusts you then they like to go to your store page and happy to buy from it.

Twitter – if your followers on Twitter so it is difficult to convince people to buy something from your influencer page. Because there are people only come to enjoy it and they like to see memes and news stuff. So if you share your amazon store link on Twitter maybe you can’t get results as you expected. This is only my opinion if you are good influencer then you can generate sales from here also.


If you are a blogger then that is good news for you. You have the option to get the target audience by doing SEO for that keywords and get only related traffic and you can convince your readers by the power of words to buy your recommendation. The benefit of related traffic is, if you want to sell something through your convincing post then you can do it easily. But on the other hand on social media networks have lots of different types of people engaged with your page or channel that’s why blog give more positive results as compared to youtube, Facebook.

How can you track your sales commission?

While you log in on your Amazon affiliate account you can see the tracker on the home page. Here you can see all types of data of your affiliate and influencer account. How many people visit your store and how many clicks on your products or how much people buy from your store or links.

Here the complete data is available and also mention the commission of every sale.
Through this, it is easy to track the very moment of your store page performance.
But on some of the products have a very low commission and some of high. The law confession category products are electronics and mobiles and the high confessions products are Daily needs products or garments, shoes, products. Below is a chart where you can see in detail.

How to withdraw amazon influencer money to the bank

To withdraw your earned money from Amazon account to your bank account. so Amazon provides you many options like direct bank transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. And while you sign up for Amazon influence account Amazon asks for your personal details and bank account number.
They always transfer your money directly to the bank account between every month of 1 to 7 dates. But if some holidays comes between these days while sometimes delay crediting your balance.
Amazon is the most trusted company and they don’t cheat their consumers and affiliated persons.


In this post, we learn about amazon influencer program and how it works. anyone can join it easily but if you will fulfill their requirements.

Amazon influencer is a very good program for digital marketers and influencers they have some other options to make money from the internet. It is very simple to join and if you have some large channels and followers then you can promote your store with your followers and if they buy something from it you will earn some money on every sale.

So I hope you like this post and learn something about amazon influencer program and how to generate money from it. if you have any queries related to post then don’t hesitate to ask. I will be there for your help. And if you love this post so please share it with your close friends and social media friends so they could learn from it.