What Are backlinks in SEO and Advantages of backlinks

Backlinks, In this blog we share information about backlinks and how does it work. Why Backlinks are important for our website or blog.

What are backlinks

Backlinks are those links which refer the peoples from others websites to your website. Do follow Backlinks are passes link juice. Which is very good for your website.

Do follow

Dofollow backlinks help to increase organic traffic to your website or blog.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic which traffic comes from the search engine like google, yahoo, Bing etc.

Link juice

Link juice that links which help to rank in search engine result page (SERP). Do follow links passes link juice for your website and also increase domain authority (DA).

Low-quality links

Low quality links that links which come from bad or low ranked websites. That links not good for your website or blog. These links decrease your Google rankings. It is very harmful. If you have links to that types website then remove links now. These links basically come from the porn website or spam websites.

High-quality links

High-quality links are that links which come from well-ranked websites on search engines. They have high domain authority (DA) and high page authority (PA). High-quality website passes the link to your website that helps to rank your website on Google and other search engines.

Quality backlinks

Quality backlinks are those links which are come from the same niche on your blog contents. Google more recommend on search results which links are comes from the same niche.

Understand as an example- suppose your blog is about digital marketing and you get backlinks from other digital marketing related websites, not from news or technology related because that links not give you any benefits.

Internal links

These links are that which is internally linked from your one article to another page article.

Suppose, if your any one article is well ranked on Google search page SERP and get traffic organically and you want to rank another article on Google so you can give link your post on that article which is well ranked and gain traffic.

Types of backlinks


Do follow links

Do follow links passes link juice to your website. Which can help to rank better in the search result page? When you put some other website link in your article that is do follow link by default and also passes link juice. Link juice increases your domain authority and blog ranking.

No follow links

No follow links does not pass link juice to your website. It can’t help to rank in the search result but it is also useful. If your all links do follow then Google thinks you are a spammer and decrease your reputation on the search result. So you can maintain both links. You can make both links in the quality of do follow links for your blog 70% and no follow links 30% at least.

How to check that our link is DoFollow or Nofollow

No need any extension to check links. which is do follow or which is no follow link. Simply in google chrome browser right click on that link and select the option inspect (Ctrl+Shift+I). It shows that link is do follow or no follow.

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How to make backlinks for our blog

Everyone can make backlinks. These are some ways to make backlinks for your website or blog.

Comment on popular forums

You can start commenting on the popular blog or answer the questions on that fourms and told him to visit on your website. If people trusting you. they can come to your website and slowly your website gets popular.

Write quality content

If you have a blog and you can be posting the useful article on it. Then you make sure your content will be good and high quality don’t miss lead people’s otherwise you lost your audience and also decrease your ranking on the search result page (SERP).

Guest posting

You can make quality backlinks from Guest posting. Just write content to the relevant niche of your blog and post as a guest on other popular website and request to give one backlink to your blog. Many websites provide the opportunity to guest posting. You contact and request them to post your content as a guest.

If you are posting your content as a guest on popular blog or website. where daily traffic is lots of amounts comes. then lots of chances to gain some quantity traffic for your blog.

Send emails

If you are a blogger and posting quality content on your blog. Then you also need quality backlinks for your website to ranked in Google. Then you can send email to the popular blogger on the contact us section. Request him/her to provide a backlink to your website. If you are regular basis sending emails then 10 of 1 people checked your mail and visit your website and if that impress by your contents. Then chances to give backlink to your blog.

Wikipedia backlink

Wikipedia backlinks are basically providing no follow backlinks but that links also good for your website. You can make an account on it easily by signup. Write about you and your company on the Wikipedia page. That is also good for your popularity of the company.

Gain Referral traffic

If you put links to other website and comment section. Then you get traffic through your link. that is referral traffic. By using this many people or bloggers drive traffic to our website. I am also using this trick to gain 7 to 8 % of total traffic in a month.

Improve organic search ranking

Backlinks help to improve your website reputation and it also helps to search result page (SERP).

When some people search for anything on google and that results from website show on the page that means your website gain more traffic.

If you have lots of dofollow links that mean more chances to rank in google first page. Backlinks also increase your domain authority (DA)and page authority (PA).

Precautions while creating quality backlinks on the blog

  1. Make sure when you making backlinks for your website check his DA and PA. that high from your website
  2. Your backlinks does not come from the porn website or spam websites.
  3. Don’t use any automatic tools to make backlinks. That is not good for your website and another case search engine blocks your website.
  4. Must preffers to create quality backlinks.
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