Before starting freelancing you should know these things

What is a freelance job?

The freelancing job is that you can work from home. Many top-level websites provide online jobs. Actually, this website not offers job they are meet the employers and employee in one place. Employers post here job or hire the people who are work on his project for some time and they pay for that. If you think you start freelancing then don’t leave your job before you never settle on any one freelancing website. Here is very hard to Seattle on it. In 2014 to 2016 easy to Seattle on it but now very difficult. The competition is very high. Many well-skilled people’s on it. They are also struggling on freelancing websites. But if you have some unique skill that no one provides service on that category then you have to more chances to get a job and become successful in short time. Freelancing website gives you the freedom to work in your way there is no boss and no 9 to 5-timetable like offices.

How do I start freelancing?

If you thinking to start freelancing then go for it. It is the best way to earn some extra income. You have to choose the best platform to start freelancing. Just sign up to any freelancing site and start your career as a freelancer. After sign up fill your details form. Choose your skills in which you perfect. Write your profile well and impressive which is describe you and your skills batter. If your profile is impressive you have to chances to win jobs. Many peoples ignore this and they did not get any job in freelancing on freelancing sites

5 Best freelancing websites

Upwork – Here you can send a proposal and get the job on it. This is the first choice of every freelancer.

Fiverr – it is a different way as compare to up work and freelancer. Here you create a gig and sell your service. You don’t send any proposal on it but the big benefit of this platform they promote your profile to get the job.

Freelancer – freelancer is the same type of up work but they give 8 connect per month only. If you need to send more proposal then you have to purchase more connects to send the proposal. Here is also the competition level is very high. In this site, my experience is not good but many peoples make money on it.

Peopleperhour– this website is especially for website designers and developers. If you specialize in this field then sign up on this freelancing website and start your carrier in this website.

Workafy – workafy is the new freelancing website in the market. It is also good to make a carrier. Here easy to join you can sign up through your Facebook account and google account. I recommended you to try it once latest.

How many bids do you get on freelancer?

If you are new at any freelancing website then you really have the struggled to get your first job. There are two types of bid range free or paid if you go for free then there are any restrictions on many freelancing sites. They give limited bid points per month to bid and if you choose paid version then there are many types of support for you by freelancing team. They help to get the job on it and they guide you how to bid like professionals.

The freelancing team is work for you in many ways. They help you in bidding and get the job on his freelancing website.

If you are working as a professional on it for a long time then you know how to manage clients or how to bid on it.

What is the process of bidding?

The best way of bidding to select those project which you complete. Write a great proposal. In the proposal mention, how do you do his work in a great way as compares to others and how much you charge. Always give some best suggestions on the proposal letter to impress your clients. If your proposal letter is great and impressive then you have to chances to get shortlisted by clients and get the job. Always mention in proposal letter your experience and last work you did that is more powerful for you. After all things are done click on send button.

How much money can you make as a freelance writer?

If we can talk about how much you can earn from freelancing websites. I tell you guys there is no limit. Here you can make $25000 per month. If you are well settled in these websites. You get many jobs in a single if you are 5 stars rated.seo writing

If we talk about writers. There are many jobs for that peoples. Many contents writers make 100$ for a single post. The big website’s owners post jobs to write articles and they pay the very high amount for that. If you are good in writing then you have to more chances to get a job from it.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

If you are new in this field then you charge low amount for the article like 0.8$ for a word and write the best article for your client. If your client becomes happy with your work they really like to hire you again. Always suggest to your clients for improvements and new things which are good for him. The best part of that they trust you more and always they are in contact with you. That means you have more chances to get a big project from them.

In people charge low amount to our clients for the article (500 words) they charge only 5$. Because there is very high competition and there you don’t send the proposal. If you know that how to write perfect article for the blog and you are very experienced in this field then you really high amount get paid by clients. People are making lots of money by writing articles in it very demanding field.

Freelance skills which are in demand right now?

Writing – On the most popular freelancing sites like upwork and fiverr you make money by your good writing skills. If you know how to write SEO blogs contents then you have lots of job on freelancing websites. This is very demanding on that sites.

Designing – if you know about logo designing and website designing then lots of opportunities in freelancing sites. You get paid by clients to logo design 5 to 500 dollars. It totally depends on you and your clients and work type.

Many peoples also post jobs to WordPress website designing. Through that you can charge large amount depends on their work.

Technical support – Many people also need support to fix our website errors and others problems. Some people also hire freelancers to migrate our website from one host to other. You have more opportunities to make extra money.

Whiteboard video making– if you know how to make videos and editing videos then in this market have a lot of opportunities. Here is more demanding If you know make whiteboard videos.

Software development– in this field lots of money if you know coding. Clients post jobs to create website or app for our business or company. You bid on that projects and win jobs. In this field apps developers are very demanding. If you Android app development and iPhone app development then you have to chances grow your business in this market.

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How does freelance pay you?

They pay you many different ways if you want to payout directly in your bank account then they also give you the option but there are more ways to get paid like PayPal and Payoneer. These are trusted websites to receive payments. If you are doing freelancing then you have to open any one account to get receive your payment. In my opinion, you have two best options first is direct bank transfer and second is PayPal or Payoneer anyone payment system choose to receive your payment. If you transfer your amount through PayPal then they never give you a current market price of the dollar they give you 1 to 2 days previous market price but if you chose pioneer payment option then his service is very good and they give you current market exchange price of the dollar. And last one direct bank transfer option choose then they charge some particular dollar for every single transfer. It depends on freelancing websites how much they charge per transaction.

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