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The icon package is like the color you wear on your house from the outside. If it’s not beautiful, you can’t do anything in a luxurious interior. Similarly, you can invest as much money ($) as you like on your smartphone. If you have an ugly-shaped old 90’s icon, don’t remove the bones.

To save you the Icon Pack gives you many options, each of which is highly customizable and fun. Here are some of the most amazing and Best Icon Pack For Android Free Download to try in 2022.

Best Icon Pack For Android Free Download

DUO Icon Pack

The Duo Icon Pack contains 2400 shapeless icons in almost every conceivable category. This best icon pack contains icons such as Productivity App, Google App, Folder Icon, Dynamic Icon, and more. The icon has a two-tone finish with thick edges that correspond to dark and light backgrounds.

You can also get a colorful set of 30 cloud-based wallpapers. There is no option in the app to request an icon. This icon pack regularly receives additions to the icon library and keeps the theme intangible.

DARKO Icon Pack

Darko Icon Pack is a beautiful piece with high-quality icons that look realistic due to the effect of shadow depth. As the name suggests, the Darkus icon pack is dominated by dark backgrounds and themes that are distinguished by their bright colors. This icon pack contains over 3500 HD icons with a resolution of 256 * 256 so you won’t cry even on large devices such as tablets.

Other necessary features such as Nova Launcher’s icon masking and dynamic calendar support are also available. There is an option to select an alternative icon for each application, which is abundant in this icon pack. The Icon Pack also includes 66 matching HD wallpapers that highlight the beauty of Darko’s Icon Pack.


Another great icon pack from the same developer who designed the color line dark icon pack. The icons are very dark, but there are one or two color steaks that can be distinguished by the matrix or app load. The collection has thousands of system icons, Google icons, application icons, and various icons. You can also request an icon for a particular application that is not in the catalog.

REEV Dark Icon Pack

Reev Dark Icon Pack uses a black color scheme on a white background to design icons that look great on a light background. Similarly, for dark backgrounds, the icon turns white on a black background, like the Ghost icon pack. This icon pack is intended for minimalists who don’t want excessive colors or expensive icons. Currently, the icon pack contains 1700 icons and a dedicated library with different backgrounds.


Crayons, the words themselves sound very creative and innovative. The Crayon Icon Pack is a collection of finely crafted icons designed to suit every mood. The application has over 5000 icons to choose from in different categories. The app has a custom folder icon that you can use for each set of folders on your smartphone. Pastel and chalk style icons on the screen add animation effects to your device. You can also use the Crayon Icon Pack to access high-quality wallpapers that you can apply to your home screen. The icon is compatible with all major Play Store launchers.

LINEX Icon Pack-The Best Icon Pack

The LineX Icon Pack contains over 5000 icon packs with great coverage and a great wall pack. You will also get many alternative icons that you can apply to your device’s home screen. The icon is designed with a minimalist design with an impressive background.
In addition, Icon Pack provides features such as Content Control Panel, Custom Folder Icon, Custom App Load Icon, Category Icon, and more. We recommend using this icon pack with the Nova Launcher.

LINEBOX ICONS-The best icon package for Android

Then you’ll see the Linebox Icon package in the list. This is suitable for customizing the look of your smartphone. The app has over 1700 icons.
The symbols come in all colors, so you don’t have to try to find the right composition for the wallpaper. This application is updated regularly and you can play with new icons every month.

GLIF-The best icon package for Android

Glif offers a colorful icon pack with bold outlines and white stripes on each icon. Glif used the pastel icon theme in its icon package. This icon pack provides 2000 icons compatible with all types of monitors, including QHD monitors.

Zwart – Black Icon Pack

Zwart is almost the same as Wikon, but this time it will be black. Therefore, if you like bright and striking backgrounds, these black icons stand out boldly. There are more than 5000 icons enough to cover almost any application you have installed.

IOS 11-iPhone style icon pack

It may sound funny, but if you’re interested in using iPhone-style icons, you should definitely try it. Surprisingly, you don’t have to worry about missing a single application to use. Most current users of this style of Apple icon on their Thor devices love it.

Outline Icons

These premium icons allow you to move to a higher level than previous apps. Instead of simple white contours, users can incorporate a variety of colors that enhance impressive visibility against dark or blurry backgrounds and applause. If you can’t find a particular app in the 5000 presets, icon masking of theme icons can also help.

Unicorn-Free Icon Pack

Take symbolic unicorns with purple, pink, and blue tones to a whole new level and create beautiful symbols. Splash on gradient paper and it will look fascinating. Fortunately, this app can also use hundreds of gradients.
Another striking feature is the ability to dynamically change the icon daily with a different color. Don’t forget to rock the unicorn and show the magic of the woman the next time you arrive at the club.
If you want to customize your Android smartphone or change the launcher icon, we hope these icon packs suit your taste. If you are using another icon app on your mobile phone, please mention that in the comments. I would like to add it in future construction.


Are Icon Packs Safe?

Absolutely yes, because firstly, it does not require any wired authorizations, as it cannot access sensitive information on your smartphone. The second icon packs are only used to change the look of your device, which is generally not a threat.

What are the best simple icon packs?

1. Linear font package
2. Colored pencil icon pack
3. Foxbit symbols use

What are Icon Packs?

Basically, the Icon Pack is a program that replaces existing symbols with new ones and is designed in an appealing way. To improve the overall experience of your Android home screen

Is the battery draining your battery?

No, it doesn’t drain your battery icon packs


The iconic packages we’ve selected here cover almost everything you need – including affordability as they’re all free to download from the Play Store. If you want to explore, you can also purchase the top features of these icon packs and enjoy unlimited features with full support.

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