Best ppsspp emulator settings for android devices

Ppsspp is one of the best gaming emulators as compared to other emulators but if you didn’t do perfect ppsspp settings before playing games maybe sometimes it doesn’t work smoothly. So for smooth gameplay, you have to do the best ppsspp settings for emulator.

We are using ppsspp emulators for a long time to play games and we always enjoyed playing games on it. As we know that ppsspp is an open-source emulator and for this emulator lots of games are available and this emulator is also available on many operating systems. But to play games in a ppsspp emulator, you always need good hardware in your device. Because if your device hardware is not capable to run smoothly emulator then while you are playing games on it may be something you are facing lagging problems and many times your games do not run smoothly as you want.

If your games don’t perform smoothly and started lagging it’s very irritating. But if on-device have Good hardware and capable to run emulator smoothly and you are still facing lagging issues while playing games then you have to do the right settings and make graphics optimize and also CPU to run any game in emulator smoothly.

Many people ask, how can they download ppsspp emulator games. So my answer is simply go to the Google and type game which you want to download and after the name of the game use these words ‘for ppsspp’ and then you can find easily. But if you don’t find games on Google easily then go to the emuparadise website where you can get wide lists of ppsspp games. On emuparadise site have large collections of ppsspp games Roms. Just find game and download on your local phone or pc where you want.

Now we talk about more things of ppsspp emulator like how can you download ppsspp emulator, best ppsspp emulator settings for playing games, the difference between ppsspp gold and ppsspp and more things so let’s start the blog.

How to download ppsspp-PSP emulator

Ppsspp-PSP emulator is available at free of cost. If you want to download ppsspp emulator for android devices so simply go to the play store and search ppsspp emulator and after finding simply install it. But ppsspp emulator is available in two variants. The one is free of cost that is simple ppsspp emulator and another is ppsspp gold. The ppsspp gold has a price to pay to download that is around 100 Rs (1.5$) and if you don’t want to buy ppsspp gold version so you can simply download ppsspp free version. I will compare both free and paid versions of ppsspp, so if you want to know more about it, read below.

The ppsspp gold has a price to pay to download that is around 100 Rs (1.5$) and if you don’t want to buy ppsspp gold version so you can simply download ppsspp free version. I will compare both free and paid versions of ppsspp, so if you want to know more about it, read below.

Ppsspp is not only available for just android operating systems but it is also available for many other popular operating systems like Windows, iPhone, Mac os, iPad, blackberry, PPSSPP for Meego, PPSSPP for Symbia, PPSSPP for Pandora, PPSSPP for Linux, so if you use any one of them, which I mentioned above, you can download ppsspp emulator for that os. But the ppsspp gold version is only available for windows and Android devices.

Now we know how can you download ppsspp for your device

  • Before download ppsspp emulator for your device first, you have to check in which device you will use this emulator and in it which operating is working on a device. For example, I am using windows pc. So, I have to download ppsspp for windows.
  • To download ppsspp emulator first go on its official website that is Now you can click on the download button.
  • Here, ppsspp is a download button for all operating systems. So as I mentioned above, I am downloading for windows, so I have to find and choose ppsspp for windows. Now here two options are available first is ‘download zip’ and second is download installer. So you can choose anyone. But In this case, I chose the installer.
  • After downloading. Open it and run the software.
  • Now it is downloading & installing all files from the server.
  • After downloading completed and installing all the files on your local computer. The emulator is ready to run any game on your computer.
  • But if you are android user and want to play games on ppsspp emulator, so simply download ppsspp emulator from play store and install it.

Best setting ppsspp to smooth gameplay

If you want to play lag-free games on ppsspp emulator so ppsspp settings is a very important task to optimize your mobile device for ppsspp emulator, follow these instructions. First, click on settings and open it to change all the settings for smooth gameplay.


On the ‘rendering mode‘ option, you have to click on mode and then some more options are popup there and you have to select ‘non-buffered rendering’. as you can see in the picture. by selecting skip buffer effect on ppsspp settings you will play buffer-free games and didn’t face lagging problem.

non buffered

Now on the ‘frame rate control‘ option, you will mark tick on the ‘auto frameskip’ option only as you can see in the photo and do not change any other options. by changing this ppsspp setting on your emulator then your games will be run smoothly and more perfectly.

frame control

Now scroll down and on the feature option mark tick on ‘impressive mode’ as shown in the picture.

impressive mode

Again scroll down and there are performance related options so here you have to mark tick on select “lazy texture caching”, “retain change texture”, “disable slower effect”, now click on spline/Bezier curves quality here some options will popups and by default it is selected on ‘high’ so make change and select ‘medium‘ and does not make change on others options.


Now scroll down and on the “hack settings” click on the lower resolution for effect free option and after that, some more options will popups, so you will have to select here “aggressive” option.



On the audio section mark tick on ‘enable sound’ and after that click ‘audio latency’ option and put it on ‘medium’. And on the section mark tick on ‘sound speed hack’ option.


The other option controls and the system does not have required to make changes in it.

How to download ppsspp games

If you want to play games on android mobile through ppsspp emulator so first you need to download emulator and after that, you have to find ppsspp games ROMs on the internet but here I posted some best ppsspp games and tell you how can you download it. But if you want more games so below is a list of websites where you can get more PSP games for Android mobiles and iOS.

Emuparadise ppsspp games for android

On emuparadise site has a wide range of ppsspp game collections. There you can download any type of ppsspp games free of cost. Here you can find PSP games for ios, android phones, for windows for mac and many more, but we don’t know about this website, on there all ppsspp games are available as legal with permissions or illegal. If you are finding some site where you can download ppsspp game for PSP emulators then it is the best website for you. To download any game from here follow these steps.

  • First, choose the game which you want to download.
  • After choosing it click on it and you will come on the next page.
  • Now on the navigation, click on the direct download links.
  • Now you will come again on the next page and here is the download link and click on it to download it.

Difference between ppsspp gold and ppsspp

The best thing is in ppsspp gold version that it comes with fully optimize for devices and don’t need to make any changes on it to play smooth games on ppsspp emulator. Another good thing on PSP gold version is you can directly contact with developers and give them feedback and you can also you will get any new feature before release on ppsspp normal version.
As you know ppsspp emulator is free for all so developers need financial support to work continuously and through the gold version, you can also contribute some finance to encourage them.


In this post you learn about how to download ppsspp, what is the best ppsspp settings for smooth gameplay in ppsspp, how to download ppsspp ROMs, and the difference between gold ppsspp and simple ppsspp.

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