13 Best Websites to Watch Anime Online for free 2021

13 Best Websites to Watch Anime Online for Free in 2020

Well, you are on your way to enjoying the fun to the fullest. YES! Through this post, we’re going to reveal to you the top 10 best websites to watch anime for free in 2020.

These free online anime websites are the best way to get back to the days of your childhood.

As you can watch your favorite cartoon characters, shows like Power Puff Girls, Pokemon, Bob’s Burger, Tom, and Jerry, and more through these amazing free anime websites.

So, for watching anime online for free, we are telling you the top ten sites. Put them in your pocket now! Here is a list of the top 10 websites to watch anime online for free. So read this article and find out all about the websites.

1. YouTube for watch anime online free

How can we forget this online streaming site to watch the videos we want! Well, this is the most sought after platform when it comes to visiting our beloved channel. Millions of users watch HD videos online on YouTube. This is the perfect site to watch your favorite anime series, movies, or shows.

Many popular animes such as death note, monster are available on youtube for free to watch. It also has a fantastic section, the “Commentary” section, where you can share your views and discuss the cartoon series and much more.


If you want to watch old and new anime then nothing better than CartoonsOn.tv.

This anime site is the best for you while still streaming a variety of videos like shows, series, videos, and more. This anime series based website brings you the best quality videos, and you can have fun watching your favorite anime characters online like Spider-Man, The Lion King, Ben 10, and more.

All anime are updated through this site. Plus, this site not only brings you animes in HD, but also new series, movies, and more to discover. You can watch the show you want by searching for the character name or the studio name. The site also displays online anime trends on its home page, so you can spend your time.


This cartoon site brings you the best HD anime videos online for FREE. By visiting this site, you can also watch a random episode. This site is suitable to work on various devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets.

As for its interface, it is excellent and you will not face any problem while searching for an anime series or shows online, you will be able to watch them quickly and effortlessly.

The great thing about this site is that you don’t have to log in to watch a video, you can stream your favorite anime without having to register.

4. KissAnime to watch anime online for free

KissAnime is one of the best online anime streaming sites. By visiting this site, you can watch any anime videos you want online without having to download them.

If you like animated series or movies, then there is nothing better than this site. Plus, it contains all the favorite episodes of your favorite anime character.

Through this site, you can experience the HD format. Moreover, this site offers you an exciting way to search for your favorite anime. You can search from the list of anime. You can also read manga, read the novel, and watch dramas online.


Cartoonito site is also one of the best free anime streaming sites for your kids. This website contains a best list of anime series and shows like Bob, The Builder, Daisy and Ollie, and many more. In addition, this site is excellent for educational games, and children can learn a lot from things through this site.

The site not only offers you a variety of anime, but also amazing games, clubs, and apps. You can also build your world by playing fantastic puzzle games, coloring, and more.


If you are ready to use additional features, ToonJet is the best site to visit. The site offers you many famous cartoon series like Looney tunes, Tom & Jerry, Betty Boop, and many more.

With this cartoon site, you don’t need to register to watch any anime you want, and you can directly stream your classic anime series if needed.

However, to use the fully loaded feature of this site, you need to register and after registering, you can add other anime to your favorite anime list.


It offers you a simple user interface that allows you to easily navigate through all your favorite episodes. The site brings you both the most recent anime episodes and also DUB. In addition, you can also search for the episode you want by browsing it in the search panel.

While visiting the site you will see three horizontal bar lines in the upper left corner of the page, by clicking on them you will see a fantastic collection of new seasons, movies, and popular series. In addition, it offers you a genre based on action and adventure. You can log in GO GO ANIME to watch all episodes.

8. DISNEY JUNIOR to watch anime online for free

Disney Junior is the world of the beautiful online anime series. For kids, this is one of the cutest anime streaming sites, which will make kids happier than ever.

In addition, the entire list of popular anime will be displayed on the home page. From the home page, you have several options to click and watch the episode you want to stream.

Disney Junior not only offers your favorite anime but also a fantastic learning platform for children to have fun.


You may be familiar with this cartoon channel and it doesn’t exist anymore. However, don’t worry, now you can watch anime and cartoons for FREE by visiting this anime streaming site called “nickelodeon”.

This official site offers a variety of videos, games, and unusual tasks to win the freebies. Thanks to this great site, you can easily watch any anime shows you want, whether new or old.

You can refresh your old memories by streaming them on this site. In addition, this site offers events, applications, and shows you an online TV program. It is a great platform to remind you of your childhood days.

10. 9Anime

9anime is another website that allows you to watch free anime videos and web series. it also very popular platform in the world. Here you can watch any series of anime in ultra HD quality. If you want to watch any anime series then just go to the 9anime and choose your favorite anime show.

In future they also thinking about to allow users to upload their anime series and videos like YouTube platform. so if you are a anime video creator then you will be able to upload your videos in this website in the feature.

11. Hulu

Hulu is also most popular website in anime world. they offers large collections of anime videos and anime series. but this website is paid and if you want to watch any anime content in this platform the you have to buy first subscription pack and also this website is not available in every country.

But here all anime videos are present in HD quality and as you know that the Japanese anime content are amazing and also their characters are out of the box and the story is rally different and engaging.

12. Chia Anime

This is also very good and popular anime website. But the content language is present in Japanese but for international audience they provide English subtitles.

This company is established in 2009 in Japan and they provides free anime videos for their visitors that’s why they gains popularity with the time. if i talk about website then the Chia Anime website is very clean and you can easily find any type of anime videos to watch online. and also here you don’t need to create any type of account and login.

13. Watch Cartoons Online

Last but not least, this is once again the best online anime streaming site that you can visit to watch all the anime shows that you want. This is a collection of adventure, comedy, and action series.

If you cannot find your favorite anime from the home page, you can search for it directly from the search panel. Overall, this site is the best when it comes to streaming your favorite animated movies, anime, and more.

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We hope you enjoy the epic list of the 10 best websites to watch anime online for free in 2020, which you can visit to see all the popular, recent, and live anime shows.

I know cartoons is always favorite for kids and also adults like to watch anime videos for free because sometimes everyone want to live like children and also anime videos is good for refreshing mind and mood. because cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Richi Rich and Pokémon is the best memory of 90s kids.

Please let us know if we haven’t mentioned any of your favorite cartoon series or shows.

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