Blackhat seo and whitehat seo

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Whitehat SEO and blackhat SEO

Whitehat Seo is that which have followed all search engine or webmaster guidelines by the blog and website owner. They do not trick search engine to improve our blog ranking.

Blackhat Seo which has trick with a search engine to improve your page ranking in short time period. It gives traffic on your website for short time but after detected by the search engine(SERP). it blocks your website permanently.

What is whitehat Seo

If you are a blogger. You know about SEO. Seo is an important thing for your website. If you want to rank your website in Google search results on top. you really did lots of SEOwhitehat seo

In whitehat Seo

  • You make lots of quality backlink for your blog because if you make bad quality backlink for your blog. then it’s not rank higher in Google search results.

Quality backlink that link which is comes from high ranking websites on the same topic which has blog on your website.

  • On page, SEO is a part of white hat SEO. You can focus on the keyword. On the heading tag, your keyword is same as focus keyword. And also the first line of a blog have present focus keyword.
  • Your content must be at least 300 words because Google says if any content is less than 300 words. It is bad content and we don’t give any spot in the search engine. So if you are running blog make sure your every content at least 300 words. In my opinion, you write large content at least 800-1500 words must present on it.
  • If you are using the image in your content must put alt text. Alt text which is the help to find your image in Google images search. It is also important for SEO. The image is very important for your blog. It helps to understand your readers in batter, fast and easy way.
  • Meta description. In the image, you can see how looks meta description. The meta description helps to increase your traffic. If someone search for any topic and they get results. Most people’s read first meta description. If your meta description is impressive and related to your content and also related to reader topic then he can open your website and read it. It helps to increase spend time on your blog.

If people’s comes on your website and spend more time on your content. Then search engine gives higher ranking spot or shows your website in first page results.

  • Permalinks is that link which is present in the URL section after the domain name. It is also known as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) name. Your permalink must be based on about your content. that is also shown in the figure.
  • Your content must be written by your self. Do not try to copy any other personal content. If you copied any other person content then google robots detect it and block your website.

Always follow white hat SEO. Do not try to cheat with our visitors.

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Blackhat SEO

Blackhat Seo is a danger to your website. It blocks permanently your website by the search engine. So don’t try black hat SEO.blackhat seo

Keyword suffering

Keyword suffering is bad for your website. It means you can indexing your website by spam tricks that is not allowed by a search engine.


In this two different contents one for search engine and another for readers. It shows in search different meta description and in the website content is on the different topic. This is not allowed by search engine terms & policy.

Spam links

Spam link using links only for indexing on search engines or ┬áThat links only used for advantages. you can be using spam link that can redirect readers to your website without his permission that is called spam link. Also, understand by this example – you can search for fruits and when you click on the link and open it.

there is info information about vegetables. These types links are spam links.

Hidden text

Hidden text is that text which is only read by search engine robots but when people open website they can’t see that text which is read by Google robots. This is only used for rank in google fastly in short time period.

Article spinning

Many peoples used this trick nowadays but it is not fine for your website. In this, same article have makes some words changes with synonyms. Many websites provide article spinning software. But this is not good for you.

Grayhat SEO

Gray hat Seo is a mixture of black hat and white hat SEO. It has maximum part of White hat SEO but some element of black hat Seo present in it maximum 5%. But it is also 50 % risky. You can use sort time grey hat SEO because Google or other search engine changes daily in our software that why these are not used for a long time. If your black hat Seo element detected by search engine robots. They have blocked your website. But sometimes people’s use grey hat SEO to rank our website in short time to indexing our website in search engines. But it is also Risky.

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