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Call of duty is another battle royale game. It is the best alternative of pubg mobile game. And you can also play this game with your friends on its server like pubg. But now the call of duty I only available for pre-registered peoples only. If you want to download call of duty for mobile devices then first go to the play store and do pre-registration for it if you don’t do that then you can’t download and play this game before the official launch.

But the Tencent gaming that is the partner of call of duty game is launched its beta version on play store for pre-registered users and many peoples started downloading by wrong ways like from others third websites and through sharing links that’s why company has removed game link and now you can’t find COD game on play store. But you really what to download and play call of duty game so read and follow the instructions that I tell in this post otherwise you can’t run the game on your android device.
In this post, we discuss how to download call of duty game for Android and how can you install and play the game on your mobile, and which is the best settings for smooth call of duty gameplay.

Download call of duty latest version 

How to download call of duty for mobile and install on android device

Now the call of duty game is available for only pre-registered users so if you don’t register for the game on play store, so go now on it and registered first so when this game is launched you will be get notified. But now if you want to download call of duty (COD) game so you can download from third-party app stores.

  • To download call of duty game first you have to download its apk file from any third party app and you can also download call of duty download apk file and its obb data file download
  • The apk file is almost 60 Mb and the OBB data file is around 1.1 GB. so download it from given links.
  • Now after downloading install apk file first on your mobile device. When installing your device its need permission to install file from an unknown source so mark check on the option.
  • Now your apk file is stared installing on your device. After installing apk file don’t open it because to run the game on your device its need data of the game.
  • Now go to the zip data file of COD game and put it on the folder Android and open folder name is OBB.
  • After open obb folder extract data 1.1 GB file and past data here.
  • Now your game is ready to play.
  • When you play this game first time on your android device this needs storage permission, so give them.

APK File Download  &  Obb Data Download

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Comparison of call of duty mobile and PUBG mobile

Now it is too early to compare call of duty game with the Pubg mobile but some feature of COD game have amazing and its graphic are also amazing if you play on high-end devices and high settings. Both games mobile version are manufactured by Tencent gaming which is a Chinese company. and also on both of them have FPP mode and TPP mode is available. Now let’s start the comparison.


Now we talk about the graphics of both games. So as we know that, the pubg game is launched in 2017 and the call of duty is launched in 2019 and pubg mobile is continuously improved its graphics and in call of duty, you can see excellent graphics while play it. If you play this game on low devices like 2gb ram device so it is run smoothly on it, but pubg game is now too heavy and didn’t run smoothly on 2gb ram devices. The graphic of call of duty game is too sharp and more clear and while you playing this game you will also feel of duty graphics

Defence comparison

If we talk about defence comparison between both of games. So I think in call of duty have good because in it you can create a shield to defence yourself from bullet fire and bomb drops but on the pubg mobile that type feature are not present till now. In pubg you can defend your self to kill your enemy. But in pubg game, you will get a green suit to hide on grass that is also a cool feature on it or you can hide on behind the rocks and trees of duty shild

Swimming comparison

If we compare swimming on the river on both games so its almost the same but the key feature is given on the call of duty is you will fire and kill your enemy while on water and while swimming. Sometimes we are surrounded by enemies on the water and if they find us, they will kill us and that’s time we feel helpless but on the call of duty game, you can’t feel your self helpless because you can kill your enemies while you are on water or while swimming.

Vehicle comparison

If we compare vehicles in both of games then in pubg game have buggi, dasia and Jeep type vehicles and for travel through river you will get small ship and in the COD game you can travel on place to another place with helicopter, and also have vehicles in game like tank and buggi types and also have ships to travel through ponds and rivers. But the exciting thing is in COD game is helicopter. When you will pay this game try once helicopter. In the pubg mobile game cannot have this type crazy of duty vehicle's

Zombies mode

Zombie mode is also available on the COD game. I will test it but that is not much impressive as  pubg mobile. In pubg mobile have two types of zombie mode 1st is zombie normal mode and other is service till down zombie mode.
On pubg we can see night and day modes after sometimes but in COD game only have a day in zombie mode. As we know the call of duty game is launched in beta mode so more chances the developers can add more things in it before final launch.


In this post we know about a new game call of duty game and how can you download this game from the internet and how to install on your android phone. And we also campers call of duty game with the ping mobile game in this Post.
As we know that the COD GAME is now available as beta mode only and it is now on the development process, so we don’t tell about how it this performed after launch but peoples are very excited about this game, and they are waiting for its official launch so they will also play that game.

If you also want to download call of duty game and want to play it’s beta version so download I will give its download link above. And if you like this par please share this post with your friends who want to play it. And if you some queries related this post please tell s on comment or mail and through the chat option.

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