How to delete history & clear cookies on iPhone or iPad

Many people don’t know about cookies files. They always heard this word through any platforms and they have seen always also but they don’t know about cookies completely. So the cookies you can understand by this. When you browsing something on the internet and open some websites then the websites send some small amount of data to your browser to confirm that websites are safe or not and many more things.

After storing data on your browser it checks it and if everything is gone right then it gives to permission to access that websites and open the site on your screen.your browser saved that data also. In this small amount of cookies data have stored many types of files like your password, credit card numbers and more sensitive details also but now these data is encrypted and it is safe. But hackers also use cookies data to hack something like credit card details and password.
If on your device have stored more cookies data history files then sometimes your device performance becomes slow because of these unwanted files can take space and if you clear or related cookies from your web browser then something your phone performance increases. And also you are secured from the hackers but these cookies data also use companies for advertisement. By using it they can proceed more targeting advertisements for consumers. Google, Facebook, Amazon and more big companies are using this method to serve more targeted ads to their consumers. So In this post, we know that how can you clear your iPhone cookies data and browser history and how to reset iPhone browser.

How to clear cookies on iPhone or iPad

Now we know that how can you delete cookies on iPhone. if talking about deleting cookies so it is a quite very easy task for everyone but some peoples don’t have the more technical knowledge and also they fear with it, if they will do something wrong then, maybe their phone become damage. So you don’t worry about it and follow these simple steps to delete cookies from iPhone.

  • If you want to delete cookies and cache data from. Your iPhone so first open settings on your iPhone.safari browser open
  • Now here find the option of your web browser safari and click on it.
  • Now on here lots of options you can see. Scroll down and Find and click on clear history and data.clear cookies
  • After clicking on it the delete message is pop-ups and here again click on clear cookies and data. After clicking on it your whole cookies and cache files data is deleted from your iPhone.delete cookies data
  • If you want to save your browsing history and want to delete only cookies data so you have to choose here advance option that is some below of clear cookies and cache data option.
  • Now on the advance option folder you can see lots of options here you can block website cookies and also disable site tracking option.
  • If you block all cookies of the website so maybe you will face some problems with many sites like if you log in on any social Media account so it says your information is incorrect even if you enter correctly. And you can also face payments problems.block cookies

How to delete browser history on iPhone

Deleting browser history from iPhone is very easy. Just follow these steps.

  • First, go to the settings.
  • Now find “safari web browser” and open it.
  • Now scroll down and go on “advance” option.
  • Here you can see website history option click on it and delete it.

Delete web history from chrome browser in iPhone

  • To delete history data from iPhone chrome browser first open chrome browser and open settings.
  • Now go to the privacy option and open it.
  • Now scroll down and go to the clear browsing data option.delete history on chrome browser
  • Here select only browsing history and click on clear data button.

How to cookies clear on chrome browser

Sometimes we could not see the latest data of websites this happens when on our web browser have old cookies and cache data is store. So if you are using chrome browser on iPhone so how can you delete cookies and cache data from the browser. So if you want to clear cookie data from chrome browser follow these simple steps.

  • First, you have to open chrome browser on your iPhone.
  • Now click on right upper side three lines button.
  • After clicking here lots of options are opens but you have to choose and click on setting browser setting
  • Now here go on advanced option and click on the privacy button.
  • Here find and click on clear browsing data option.clear
  • After clicking on it, the new window is open and here you can see two types options first is basic and second is advance
  • On the basic option you can see browsing history, cookies and site data, cache image and file, so if you want to clear these things then simply select them and click on clear option.
  • It takes some time to clear all the data. But if you want to clear everything separately then click on advance option.delete history on chrome browser
  • On here you can see three more options including basic options. That options are saved password, autofill data and site settings
  • On the save password options have all saved passwords saved in encrypted form and on the auto-fill option have you saved while felling some form like address, name, phone number, etc. And on the last in the site setting have all saved data of some website settings.
  • Here you can choose which data you want to clear from your browser and select them and click on the clear button. After that, it takes few time to delete all cookies data from your phone browser.


In this post, we know about how can you delete cookies and cache and web history data from your safari browser and also we know about how can delete cookies and browsing history from chrome browser. Guys this is simple tricks and if you don’t know about before so I helped you in the post. Deleting cookies and web history quiet difficult because iPhone provides this option on the settings. so some people don’t know about it. On many browsers, this option has provided between it. So it is easy to find.
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