Fortnite Game Download for Android and iOS

Fortnite Game Download for Android and iOS.

After banning pubg in India, players are now switching to new battle royal games like free fire, call of duty and more. But recently epic games have announced they are come with their most popular battle royal game fortnite for mobile users. Fortnite is the one of the most popular game in the gaming world and also played by lots of gamers and game streamers. But this game was available only for pc users, but now this is also available for android mobile users and iOS users.

These days the gaming industry is on all time high and the online streaming platforms helping to achieve this popularity. People love to watch online game streams and if some streamers play the game on their stream the game also gets popularity and influences other people to play the games.

Behind the pubg popularity this is the main reason, they used online game streamers to reach new audiences and influence them to play pubg. And slowly slowly they was gets huge popularity & downloads in india. But because of some regions pubg got banned in India by the government. And this is the great opportunity for new gaming companies to launch their battle Royale games and attract gamers to play their games.

Now let’s know about how you can download fortnite game on your android mobile and how to play on it. And what’s the minimum requirements for mobile to play epic fortnite game.

Fortnite game download in Android and iOS

Fortnite game is another battle royal game. And it is absolutely free to download for all the mobile game lovers.

This game is as similar as pubg game but the game graphics and game play is bit different.

In this game you have to find weapons in the battle ground and kill your enemies before they kill you. The great thing about this is you can play it online with your friends and make your own team to survive in the battle ground till the end.

In this game players will also get season updates and royal paas to upgrade things in the game.

But if you are thinking to download and play Fortnite game on your mobile device, so your mobile must be capable to handle this game because the game hardware requirements are very high.

Below I share mobile hardware and software requirements to play fortnite game.

What are the Fortnite game mobile requirements?

If you are thinking to download fortnite game on your mobile device then before downloading the game you should check your mobile configurations. Because to play this game in your mobile you need high configuration hardware.

So let’s know what is the minimum requirements of hardware to play fortnite game in android mobile.

  • Need Android version 8.0 or higher.
  • Processor 64bit ARM64.
  • You need at least 4gb RAM in your mobile device.
  • GPU Needed : Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

How to Fortnite game download for android

If you want to play fortnite in your Android Mobile then you have to download it from the epic games website. This game is not available in play store and app store for now. But soon they will list on the playstore for download. Know lets know about how can you download fortnite game in your android mobile

  • First you have to go on the mobile or desktop web browser and open the epic games official website in your browser.
  • Here you have to find download fortnite game.
  • Now you will get a download link for epic games store.
  • After downloading and installing the epic game store on your mobile, just open it and download fortnite game.
  • But before the starting download, it checks your mobile hardware configuration. If your mobile device is capable then the download goes in progress but if it does not meet the minimum requirements, it does not proceed for download.
  • After following the game is ready to play.

How to install fortnite game in android mobile.

Installing fortnite game in any android phone is very easy. You don’t need anything to install fortnite game. Just download and install the epic store on your mobile device and open it.

Here is the full process of downloading & installation fortnite game

First find a fortnite game and click the download button, its directly start downloading and after completed downloading, it is starting to install automatically. The installation process takes some time.
After installing you can open the game and give all the related permissions which they want.

Now game is ready to play.

The other process of game installation is you can download the game files directly from others websites like apkforyou and more. And after downloading the file and setup, just copy game file and paste it in the android>obb folder. Now simply install the game app on your mobile.
Now the game is ready to play.

About game graphics and game play of fortnite.

Now if I talk about the game graphics and controls, so the graphics of the fortnite game are amazing and very clear. If you ever played this game on your computer you definitely know about it. And if you didn’t play ever then I suggest you to play a fortnite game once.

Because the graphics of the game is very good and realistic which you really like while playing the game. Lot of iphone mobile users love this game and they also stream live on YouTube for their fans.

The game controllers is very flexible and easy to manage and also you can customize controllers according to you in the game controllers settings.
This game is a very popular game and the mobile controllers are very simple as in the pubg.


In this post, I guided you how can you download and play epic fortnite game. And why this game is so popular.

Guy’s every one played games in their childhood, but those days technology was not much better and the graphics of games was very low quality but over the years technology gets better that’s why we can play better graphics games. And in fortnite game you will see great graphics and game performance while you play.

Now if you like this post please share it with your best friends and play with your friends online. The game concept is similar like pubg so this is also adventures for you.

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