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Bored of using the same old oneplus wallpapers in your new Oneplus phone, try our new collection of the Latest Oneplus Wallpaper HD download for your new phone. Download and install some of these HD wallpapers and make your home screen more attractive and appealing.

When you buy a handset you get some pre-loaded wallpapers in it, but these are stock wallpapers and they are not as per you want your phone to look like. Though you get more wallpapers in new updates of your mobile but they are just common wallpapers and every other Oneplus user has it.

When you want to make your phone particularly customized as per your needs you have to download some attractive Oneplus wallpapers from the internet. This article will give you information about the available after-market wallpapers.

There are many dedicated websites to download Best HD, 3D, Live, or 4K wallpapers for your various Oneplus phone models.

Types of Oneplus Wallpaper Download | Wallpapers for Oneplus Nord, Nord2, 9Pro

The screen sizes of the Oneplus phones are different but, the same wallpaper can be used in multiple screen-sized phones and the screen adjusts the pixel of the image file accordingly to the size it.

When you download a wallpaper online, some wallpapers are specific for a particular phone and some wallpapers are made universally to adjust to the screen size.

Always remember that an image captured from a particular phone will not always fit the screen size of another phone, for example, if you capture your family photo in Oneplus Nord and share it on Oneplus Nord 2 or 9Pro to set it as wallpaper, it will be perfect in the Nord but the other two will miss some of the pixels which may make the image look scaled or cropped from sides.

The recommended size of wallpaper is 640×960 pixels, smaller size images of 320×480 may load faster but might not be seen sharply on HD screens while higher images of 1240×1920 pixels will be sharper but may take more loading time.

oneplus wallpaper download

Oneplus HD Wallpapers

High definition one plus wallpapers are at least 720 pixels per inch or higher for larger screens size phones, these are crisp and sharp wallpapers with every detailed pixel which fit accurately to the screen edges. HD wallpapers are very much appealing and make your screen more attractive.

The clarity of an HD oneplus wallpaper also depends on the screen quality of the phone.

Oneplus 3D wallpapers Download

Oneplus 3D wallpaper stands out from the other wallpapers, they seem to pop off from the flat surface making it a real feel, for example, if you install a 3D character wallpaper the character will look as if it is coming out in the real world.

Oneplus Live Wallpapers Download

These are one plus animated wallpapers that keep on changing and are interactive which makes your phone dynamic. Live wallpapers have a storage memory that captures certain images from the web and keeps on playing in the background of the screen.

Oneplus Live wallpapers use the phone battery for being active, hence it is recommended to turn on the battery saver.

How to Set Lock Screen Wallpapers on Oneplus?

Method 1

  • To set an image or photo as your lock screen wallpaper,
  • Go to the gallery or where the image is stored on your device.
  • Open the image and click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner.

Now you will get options to set as-

Home Screen – This will make the image as the background of your mobile’s home screen.

Wallpaper – This option will give you the option to set the image as only Wallpaper, Lock screen wallpaper, or Wallpaper & Lock screen wallpaper.

Content photo – This option allows you to set the image on your saved contact number.

Viasnippet – This is a Google feature that helps you to identify and get information about the image from the internet.

Method 2

  • To set or change the lock screen saver on Oneplus phones please follow the given steps-
  • Go to Settings>Display>Scroll down to Screen saver option
  • Now you will see two options ‘Current screen saver’ & ‘When to start’
  • To set a screen saver click on ‘Current screen saver’, it will show you 3 options-

Clock – This option will show a clock on the screen when it is locked or on standby.

Colors – This will give you 4 options > While charging, While docked, While charging or docked, Never. Select any one of the options, if you want to test the screen saver hit the back button on the top left and click on ‘Start Now’, this will give you a preview of how will the screen look.

Photos – This option will give you the option to select an image from your Gallery to set it as a screen saver for your phone.


Where can I download Best HD wallpapers for One Plus Nord?

To download Best HD wallpapers for any Oneplus phone you can go to the wallpaper settings of your phone and check for new updates or search the internet for the Best HD wallpapers of your phone model.

How to know the size of wallpaper for my Oneplus phone?

Ideally 640p width X 960p height wallpapers are suitable for all screen sizes, but it depends on your screen type and customization options available.

Is it possible to have a separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers?

Yes, you can customize different wallpapers on different screens. Please follow the steps given above.

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This article on the Latest Oneplus Wallpaper HD download covers the types and methods to set wallpapers in all of the Oneplus phones, these are common features that are used to set and use the images in your phones to bring them to the display of your phone.

The options for customizing display settings may vary depending on the screen type of the phone, for example, there may be different options to set different wallpapers on-screen modes such as AMOLED display mode, edged display mode, bezel-less display mode, etc.

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