Google adsense approval for new blog in 3 days

How I approve my Adsense account in just 3 days read the full article.

Many peoples have a problem with Adsense approval for the website. But today I share my experience how I approved my Adsense account for my blog. I started my blog in September 2017. That time I don’t know how to write content perfectly. I Started learning from others blogs and youtube. But in the beginning, I faced lots of problem like what is SEO, how to do SEO, how to submit my content to Google.
adsense approvalFirst thing if you started your new blog or website which have earning source Adsense or other ad networks. Then you learn first how to write quality contents for your website with SEO keywords. This can help to generate organic traffic for your website. If people visit your blog then Google Adsense approve your Adsense but not only this thing important I tell you everything.

Your domain name

Your domain name must be 6 months old. Because of its Google Adsense policy. Google gives you to have 6 months to improve your blog before submitting to Adsense approval. If you don’t wait 6 months for Adsense approval. Then purchase the old domain name. you can purchase expire domain or deleted domains. Many peoples sell his domains you contact him/her and buy the old domain. Always submit for Adsense root domain names like don’t try to submit this name is not valid for Adsense approval. Adsense always approved top-level domains like .com, .in, .edu etc.

Your content images

In the beginning, many people start using copyright images. They write a post and they did not create an image by himself they download from google images that are also owned by others website and copyrighted material. That is violent copyright act. If you are posting articles on your blog please use fresh or own created images.
Your content must be lengthycopyright images you start posting content then always sure your content is at least 600 words. But in my opinion, you must try to write at least 900 words in each post. In the post must check all SEO things which is very important for you. Don’t try to copy anything from any other website. the google is very smart in these days. They always track your every activity. Or if you use anybody copyright material then also Adsense not approved.
Important your website does not provide any crack software or hacking related Or not porn & nudity related content.

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Website design

If you started a blog on WordPress must choose a good design with responsive pages. Your website design must be simple and easy to navigate. Your menu navigation also is right don’t try to miss guide.
In my website, I use the ionmag theme. It gives me lots of great features to customize my website in my way. This theme is good, simple, responsive and SEO friendly. In your website must have header and footer also design well and simple way to navigate. Use your website logo in the header section it gives you great look and does publicity for you. In your logo must use website name it also helps in marketing.

Important pages on your website for Adsense approval

About us page

In this page, you tell about yourself like why you start blog what is your interest how many people in your team. Tell about your leader, what is your mission. Etc. Everything that you want to write in it. After that tell about your website, how to start your journey. What you want. For example, check ours about us page. How I design it.

Contact us page

In contract us page, you have a contact form and your official domain id link [email protected] When you submit for review google employee always check these things on your page. If this is not present on your blog then they rejected your approval and send improvement message. You can use contact 7 plugin for your WordPress website to make contact us page. Check my contact us page for example.

Privacy and policy page

On your website, You must have privacy and policy page of your website. Which helps to understand visitors to get information about using your blog. Many websites provide this privacy and policy page for blogs and websites. You may create from it and paste into your privacy & policy page. But after copping please read it carefully if that not suits for your website then make some changes on it then publish it. To create privacy & policy page click here

Terms and conditions page

Terms and conditions page also important for your blog approval. It is for visitors who surfing your blog to get information. In this page, you tell your visitors about what is the terms of your website to use it. Many websites provide free to make terms & conditions page. If you want to make terms and condition page click here

Disclaimer page

In the terms and conditions page also create a disclaimer for you but if you want to separate it then go for it otherwise leave in it. But in my case, I have created the separate page for disclaimer page that is much better for you.pages for adsense approval

How much you need posts before submitting Adsense approval

In my case, I submitted only 10 articles with good quality and per article is 900 or above words. But if you have more then 10 it is good for you. But please don’t compromise with the quality of content. Always post useful content that gives true knowledge. fake and any kind of misleading contents please don’t post otherwise Adsense not approve or disable permanently.

Your blog not blocked by Google must check it

Adsense must check your submitted blog when Google team reviewing it. If your blog blocked by Google then Adsense team suspend your approval request.
The most important thing you have not to do after approval Adsense
After approval Adsense don’t click on your webpage ads by yourself. It is a violation of Adsense policy. Always check your website CPC if it is going so high then you are in trouble if CPC goes high then remove ads for few times otherwise your Adsense account suspend or permanently disabled. don’t use any third party ad on your blog when your blog submits for Adsense.

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