How to activate iPhone for Verizon

Activating an iPhone is not a very difficult task if you have knowledge or you will read the instructions of the book which is given with the iPhone box. But many times it does not happen as you think and you get harm or locked in the act of activating your IPhone. So please don’t try these types of foolish methods which are you See on the Internet. Here in this post, I will tell you simple and working methods to activate your iPhone. This is working well and it helps many people to activate their new iPhone.

As you know the iPhone’s are one of the most expensive mobile devices and everyone can’t afford it. So if you purchase it, then you have to take care of it otherwise if something is broken and stop working on it, then the replacement cost is very high. And if your iPhone is locked with icloud and you don’t remember the password, then it is very hard to recover it.
To active iphone, you have to follow these instructions carefully which are mentioned below. If this is not working so you can ask me through chat or if you are purchase iPhone with Verizon sim and your iPhone is not activating so you have to call the Verizon customer support team.
Now Let’s know about how can you activate iPhone with sim and how can you activate your iPhone without sim.

Make a backup of your old iPhone data

Before activating new iPhone make sure you made your data backup from your old iPhone. If you do not make it you will lose your old data. You have many methods to make backup of your data of old phone. The first and easy method is icloud. You can make your whole phone data backup on icloud by just simple steps. And the second option is you can make a backup through iTunes also.
Below I mentioned complete steps to make your old iPhone backup before activating new iphone.

  • First method is, make backup through icloud
    • To activate iPhone, first of all, Connect your phone to wifi or some other internet connectivity.
    • Now go to the settings and find icloud option and click on backup option.
    • Turn on backup option if it is off. Now click on below button that is backup now.
    • After completing the backup process. Now check your backup files.
    • To check backup go to the settings> icloud> storage> Manage Storage and select your device.

Apple icloud gives you 5gb free storage to store your files and once you cross your limit and if you want more space to store your data then you have to purchase space. Apple will charge you 0.99$ per month for 50 GB storage, 2.99$ per month for 200GB and 9.99$ per month for 2TB of storage. icloud storageSo if you are storing your photos and videos on icloud then your free space will be filled up by some videos and photos. Another way is to make of backup your phone through Itunes and store backup files on your local computer.

  • The second method make backup by iTunes
    • To make backup by iTunes first you need to download the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
    • Now connect your iPhone device with itunes.
    • After that, follow the instructions that are shown on screen and click on the backup
    • button to make a backup of your device data.
    • After creating a backup, save the file on your computer device.
    • Now the backup process is done.

How to active iPhone with Verizon sim

  • Now follow these steps to activate iPhone with Verizon sim.
  • First when you made a backup of your old phone data so now switch off your old phone and remove sim from it.
  • Now put your Verizon sim in your new iphone device and try to ‘on’ by pressing the power button. It takes a minute to on.
  • Now choose your language which you want to use to operate your phone.
  • The next step is to connect your phone with the internet by choosing a cellular network or WiFi networks.
  • Now put your old icloud id or password or itunes id.
  • After the whole process done and “signing in” in your old icloud account, after some time your sim is activated and it is registered with a new phone and if you are new Verizon customer then it activates automatically.
  • Now restore your whole backup data on the new device from icloud.

How to activate iPhone with iTunes

  • First, connect your iPhone with your computer and then open iTunes app.
  • Now choose setup to another phone and proceed to next.
  • If you see the popup message to insert sim then must insert sim in iPhone.
  • If your sim is not working then contact your service provider. Otherwise, if you attempting to activate iPhone then maybe your iPhone locked permanently.
  • After inserting sim in it. Now set up apple id.
  • After do whole the process your iPhone takes few minutes to activate.

How to remove sim card from iPhone

Now on phones have mini and micro Sims so on the maximum mobile devices have hybrid sim type Tray. And iPhone have also this type sim, so if you need to insert another sim card in it, then you need to sim removal tool to eject sim Tray from iPhone and replace old sim with new sim . As you can see on the video, put the ejection tool in the hole and press it. After putting some force on it, the Trey eject. Now remove old sim and put new sim in it and then put the sim tray in the phone as it before.


So through this post, we know about how can take backup of iPhone data, How can you new activate iPhone with Verizon sim, How can you take backup of your iPhone through your computer?
Many people don’t know about these easy things while they purchase the first-time iPhone and they face trouble to activate the mobile device. But if you read this post carefully then you will know about it and activate your iPhone by yourself easily.
I hope guys this post is useful for you and if you like this post then share with your social friends on facebook or twitter so they can also know about these simple things.

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