How to Change your Name on Instagram or Username

The Instagram profile name change is not rocket science but before Changing your name of the Instagram profile, you have to understand why you are changing your name and And what will be the effect after the change
But some people make mistakes while they are making an account for the first time because they don’t know or by mistake. So Instagram gives you simple steps to change your Instagram username and Instagram profile name that any other social platform does not provide you. If I compare name changing option between Instagram and Facebook page so on the facebook page name changing option is difficult. On the facebook page, You can’t change your page name easily by using your mobile and if you want to change your FB brand page name or facebook page username so you have to do it on computer or laptop. But in the Instagram username changing process is very easy, you can change username by using a mobile or laptop. So let’s know how can you change your Instagram username or how to change your Instagram profile name.

How to change Instagram name or Instagram nickname step by step with pictures?

Many people don’t know “how can change their Instagram name or how to change Instagram username” if you are one of them, so don’t worry, here I will tell you how to change Instagram name in simple steps. So read carefully or if you face some issue so please contact us by chat option. Now let’s start.

Change Instagram username on Android phone app and iPhone app

The first step is an open Instagram app on your mobile phone

Now click on the bottom right side where is the “menu icon”.

Instagram Username Change 1

Now you will come to the profile page, where you can see many things like posts’ followers, profile pictures, and more.

Now here you have to choose and click on the edit profile button. After that, you will come to the edit page where you can see your username, profile name, Bio and more things.

instagram name change

So now if you want to change your profile name then on the name section you can edit and change your name what you want and save it by clicking on the above right on the check(✓) mark. As you can see in the image.

instagram name

If you want to change username of your Instagram profile, then you have to edit the name in ‘username’ box which is below the ‘Name’ box. You can see in the image. After changing the name now again click on the checkmark (✓) on top of the right side

instagram name final save

How to change Instagram name on the desktop?

If you are using a computer or laptop so you can also change name or user name of your account easily, just follow the steps and do easily change.

  • First, open Instagram in your browser and login into your Instagram account.
  • Now click on the Profile icon that is above the right side as in the image shown.
instagram name change Desktop 11
  • Now click on the edit profile option to make changes in your profile name & user’s account name.
instagram user name change Desktop
  • After click on the profile option now another page opens and here the is an option available to change the Instagram name of the account and Instagram username as you can see in the image.
instagram name change Desktop 33
  • So now here you can choose your profile name what you want and write it, and if you change the username so you have to choose the correct as you can see in the above image.
  • When you choose the username and if it is not available so on the side-shows cross red mark and if it is available so it shows in the green tick mark.
  • Now after choosing the right name for your Instagram profile and Instagram username save it by clicking on the top right button “save”.

What is name on Instagram?

The name of Instagram is that, which shows on the profile when someone visits your profile.
It is the name of your account, not an Instagram identity. Some people confused between Instagram’s profile name and username so I tell you that the Instagram name does not affect your profile but the username will affect your Instagram account. The Instagram name you can change unlimited times on your choices but username can not.

What is username on Instagram?

Instagram username is the identity of your Instagram profile. This means that Instagram gives you a unique identity to find your profile easily, every Instagram account contains their unique identity. If some people want to find your profile by username so they can find the right profile easily by using your username and if someone finds you by using your profile name so after typing name on the search bar it shows many results relate to the name and there is too hard to find the right person profile by the name.

If I will change my Instagram username so I lose my followers?

No, you can’t lose your followers after changing the username of your profile. But you lose the old identity of your account. So whenever you will change your profile username, you should have must inform your followers about it.

Best Instagram usernames list and best Instagram profile name.

Here the list of best Instagram names for boys and girls

Best Instagram Names For Boys

  • Love
  • Hacker Hunny
  • Smart boy your name
  • Loveable boy
  • Brown Munda
  • Stupid sa
  • Your Heart beat

Best Instagram Names For Girls

  • Amira
  • Shanaya
  • Debo
  • Nia
  • Bebo
  • Butterfly
  • Selfie Queen
  • Pihu
  • Manyata
  • Mishti
  • Mushkin
  • Madu
  • Manshi
  • Diksha
  • Amie

Some Questions & answers related to Instagram issues

How can I delete permanently my Instagram account?

If you want to delete your account temporary or permanent so first go to the account settings and there is the option of delete account and if you want to delete your account for permanent then here is the detailed step by step guide with pictures.

How to recover deleted Instagram account?

If you delete your Instagram account temporary so you can easily log in by using your recent account Id and password. And if you want to get your permanently deleted Instagram account so you have to send mail to the Instagram official email id and in the Mail you have to tell about your account username and resign.

How to grow followers on Instagram?

If you want to grow your Instagram account followers so you need to update daily posts and upload a story. Reach more people by using question story and answer the questions that are asked by your followers.

How to change Instagram Nickname?

If you want to change your Instagram Nickname so the first, Tap on the Profile Corner of the right>Edit Profile>Username. Instagram username is also unknown as the Instagram Nickname.

How to secure Instagram account and how can I set up the OTP log-in process?

If you want to secure your Instagram account with OTP so you have to set up it and activate it. To activate the second layer of security first go to the settings option of your profile>security>two-factor Authentication>Tap on text Message>Done.


So, in the end, I tell you that if you are changing your Instagram name so it doesn’t affect your account followers but you have to tell about it to your audience through the post or by story, because if you will change your Instagram name and if your follower does not know about it then they will unfollow your Instagram account if they recognize it as a strangers account.
I also added some Instagram related questions that are asked by people on the internet so if you also related to the issue about “Instagram name changing or Instagram account delete” in related then please contact me through email or chat. I will try to provide you the best information and solutions related to your query. And I also suggest you best free Instagram profile names that may you love it.
So I hope, you love this information and also share it with your family members and with your friends so if they don’t know about it or have issues related to Instagram name changing then they will know about it.

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