How to do seo for beginners guide perfectly

SEO for beginners

When I am started blogging I don’t know about SEO. In my blog, no visitors come on it. I don’t know why this happening. I start searching everywhere why on my blog can’t visit any person. Then on the internet, I read on someone blog. He tells about SEO on his blog then I know something kind of SEO. Then I started learning about it. Slowly slowly my knowledge about SEO increasing and I started working on it. In this blog, I share my experience the basic of SEO and how to do SEO if you are the beginner.

Important parts of SEO for beginner

The webmaster is first setting in SEO field. It is very important for your blog to get organic traffic. Trough webmaster we index our website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. These search engines are too old and popular but most popular search engine is Google. The webmaster is that place where you tell about your website to Google or others search engines.
If you don’t setup your webmaster then no chance to get organic traffic for your blog.
I tell you how to full setup of the webmaster. Read carefully everything.
First, add your property domain in your webmaster tool and verify it with HTML tag or which is possible for you.


in the dashboard you check all activities summary of your website. How it performs. How it errors comes. Everything about your website you can check it.

Messages- in the message section you check your messages about your website errors, performance etc.

Search Appearance

In this structure of your website data. Rich data which gives your website quality and star ratings. It is very good for your business. If you have some food or service website then this is a help to grow your business.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Amp pages have the capability to load fast when your internet is slow working. This is very helpful to gain traffic from mobile.

Site traffic

In which you can check your traffic and manage it. Check analytics, check internal links to your website which is working or not.
International targeting is important for you. If you have a website and want to rank in any country then set your country target.

Google index & Crawl

In which you can check your indexing of content of your website or submit for indexing in it.
Crawl is also an important part for you in which check your website errors. If some error detects on your website then fix it immediately otherwise is affect your ranking.
robot .txt tester in it tests your website to google bots perfect crawl your website.
The sitemap is important here you can submit your website sitemap like category, pages, tags, etc. It informs to google crawl navigation of your website.
If you are using Yoast plugin then. Find your sitemap page and copy your all sitemap and paste it in webmaster tool sitemap.

Analytics settings

Analytics is a product of Google. It helps to track data of visitors, popular pages, popular articles. This is very important for research purpose. Through it, you can see what audience loves on your website.
How to set up analytics for new users
First sign in in analytics and add your website account
After creating add your analytics code in your Yoast plugin.

On page SEO

On page SEO is that seo which is set up in your article or when you are writing articles like url, title, meta description, images, alt text, focus keyword etc.

Off-page seo

Off page seo is also an important part of seo. In this, you can work outside of your website to rank in search engine results page (SERP). Make quality backlinks, social sharing, social bookmarking, advertising, etc. Read full


Backlinks that links which refers audience through links. The quality backlinks are important for your website because its help to rank in search engines. Basically, google search engine count backlink to index your page in search engine result page(SERP) but it also depends on many factors also.
Basically, backlinks are two types.
Dofollow links or nofollow links to know more click here.

Seo for beginners

Social marketing

Social marketing is the best tool in these days. You promote your content through Facebook or Instagram page. Here traffic is always coming in high amount. But you need the page which has lots of flowers. If you want to promote paid ways you can customize your target audience. Use social influencer to promote your content this is the best way to gain traffic or make popular.

Push notification button

Push notification button is work for your website to regain traffic for your website. You can add any push notification lots of web push notification available in the market paid or free both. But if you are running new website then use free push notification plugin for your website. One signal is free to push notification plugin. You can join by just sign up with your Google or Facebook account.
After sign up set up your account.

Account setup

Make new app in dashboard and setup it for your WordPress website also add a plugin in your WordPress website first.
select web push for chrome and Setup website name & URL fill all things.
After the whole setup comes in your WordPress dashboard one signal configuration.
Past app id and API key and set up your notification style.
Save whole setting and its done.

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