How to record screen on Windows 10 with pictures

Many times people don’t know how to record their desktop or laptop screen. That way I think I can tell you how you can record your desktop screen. In this post, I will tell you three ways to record screen with internal audio. So if you are a gamer and want to record your gameplay for your audience then these three screen recorders definitely help you.

Some of the screen recording software is free but some are paid. But the free screen recorder for windows 10 software is also good and comes with many customization features. in it, you can select audio that you want to record and also if you want to record some specific screen area so you can do it easily by selecting that specific area.

Now let’s know in detail about those free screen recording software for Windows 10.

1. How to record screen on Windows 10 with OBS Software?

To record your pc screen first you have to download OBS software. Through this software, you can also do live stream on Facebook or youtube. So if you are a new streamer and want to record your gameplay or want to cast on YouTube for free then OBS software is very useful for you. It is free and best streaming software and also loved by popular streamers.

  • To record screen of your pc, first, download and install OBS software on your computer.
  • Now open the OBS suit, after opening it, you can see the interface like that.
  • Now go to the settings that are on the top.
  • Now here choose Broadcast settings.
obs screen recorder step 2
  • Here in the ‘Mode’ option select ‘file output only’
  • Now in the ‘File path’ option, you can choose the folder or file where you want to store screen recordings.
  • In the ‘Video’ option you can switch graphics ‘video adapter’ and also customize screen resolution and fps.
obs screen recorder step 4
  • Next is the ‘Audio’ option, here you can customize your pc for sound recordings. If you want to record internal sound for your gameplay so don’t make changes in it and make it default settings. But if you want to record your voice so you can select any connected device that is shown there.
obs screen recorder step 3
  • Now you are ready to record your pc screen,
  • Now come to the main screen and here you can see audio options, one is the mic option which you can use to record your voice and another one is for internal sound recording.
obs screen recorder step 5
  • Now your screen recorder is fully ready to record anything on screen.
  • When you want to record any gameplay just open the OBS app and click on the ‘Start Recording’ option to capture your screen.
  • To check your all-screen recorded videos In the ‘file path’ location where you saved it.

Pros of the OBS screen recording software

  • It is free to download.
  • It is very easy to use after set-up a few settings options.
  • Best for online streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

Cons of OBS screen recording software

  • it comes with basic functions.
  • it is only for newcomers who can’t afford any paid software.
  • you can’t edit videos in it.

2. How to Record screen of pc by using Camtasia screen recorder?

If you have money to purchase some good software then Camtasia is the best option on a low budget. In it, you can edit your videos and also use good effects to make your videos amazing and engaging. In the Camtasia software, you can also make videos over the green screen, and in the editing, you can change and remove screen background.

So let’s know how you can record screen on Windows 10 by using Camtasia software.

  • First, download and install Camtasia on your computer or laptop.
  • Now go to the local disk(c)>program files>techsmith>camtasia 9.
  • Here find ‘camrecorder’
  • Now go to the icon of ‘camrecorder’ click right and copy the file.
  • Now go to the desktop and paste here on by clicking on the ‘paste shortcut’.
  • Now you can directly access this file from your home screen.

screen recording process in Camtasia

  • Now open ‘camrecorder’ by clicking on it.
  • Here as you can see in the picture you will select full screen to record your screen or custom screen size to record some particular area of the screen.
  • You can also record external audio by enabling mic. But it records internal audio by default.
camtasia screen recording
  • After setting all the basic things, you will be ready to record the screen of your pc.
  • After you record your PC screen video, Camtasia automatically opens the Camtasia video editor to edit video or to save the recorded video.
  • Now you can edit your video and just export it.
  • After exporting your video is ready to use or post on YouTube.

Pros of Camtasia screen recorder

  • In it, you can select a custom screen to record any part of the screen.
  • You can set up and customize audio levels.
  • You can also do editing of your recorded video by using camtasia video editor.

Cons of Camtasia screen recorder.

  • It is not free software.
  • For new users, it may be difficult to use.

3. Screen recorder lite

This is a specially built free version for the students. This version is not supported in windows S as they mentioned. By using it you can do a live stream, video recording, webcam casting, and also you can record your gameplay. This is a free version so you may face some issues with it or some restrictions. But for screen recording on Windows 10. It is the best option for free.
Let’s know about how you can download windows screen recorder lite for free.

  • First, download screen recorder and install it on your pc.
  • Now open it, in it, you can record any part of the screen by selecting custom screen size.
  • If you want to record video then select and click on the video option and if you want to record only audio so you can also select only audio.
  • In it before start recording, you can also customize the sound audio level both your voice and internal sound.
  • In the settings, you can set up all things according to your needs.

Pros of screen recorder lite

  • It is free to download and use.
  • In it, you can record video and audio separately.
  • In it, you can also select any custom screen size to record any part of the screen.

Cons of screen recorder lite

  • The premium features like live streaming and customizing are restricted in lite version.
  • You can’t use premium things in screen recorder lite.
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As I mentioned in this post, how can you record screen in Windows 10? So if you want to do screen recording of your computer screen then this mentioned software helps you. And these are also free and good for newComers.
The OBS screen recording and broadcasting software are one of the best software for youtube streamers who did not afford any expensive software.
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