Make money from coupons websites & get 15% discount on products

You know festivals are important for every country. every country celebrates festivals with love and joy. and it is a key to making money on festivals occasions.

The website owner makes money on that’s occasion through offering discount on products and discount coupon codes. If you don’t know about coupons websites and if never know how to make coupon site then don’t worry, I tell you through this post how coupons websites work and how do you make money through these websites.

On every occasion, people are promoting Amazon or others e-commerce website products and they get some commission on every sale. But if you simply promoting l

Affiliate links you don’t get more conversion as compared to coupons affiliate or discount websites. In this post I’ll try to teach you in the batter way, so read this post very carefully.

How to make thousands of dollars on the festival’s

If you want to make lots of money on the festival’s occasions. you have to make your own coupons or deals websites. The search volume of coupons and deals keywords are very high. If you make a website on these keywords or make the blog post on it. I really tell you guys, you can earn lots of money through affiliate links to promoting products. Many website owners and bloggers doing this and earn 1000$ through affiliate links. As you know Diwali is coming soon so I also get the coupon for my visitors. Through it, you can get discount up to 50% on products. The offer is only available till Diwali. So what are you waiting for click on discount and buy products upto 50% off.

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How to make a coupon website

Making coupons or offer website is not so easy. First, you have to think about niche in which type you want to offer coupons. Planing about it, make a good and attractive website, finding coupons and many more thing which I tried to tell in the below.

  • Choose niche- if you want to make coupon website first you decide niche. If your you have knowledge related to travel, I suggest you make on travel coupon website. Because you know about travel you offer batter coupons and review as compared to others things. If you are running coupons website then you can also go for affiliate marketing by sharing your affiliate links.
  • Buy domain- when you decide your niche of coupon website, the second thing is buy domain related to the niche. If your coupon website domain name is related to niche (like travel coupon, get coupons etc) then you have more chances to rank high in short time and more trustable.
  • Find best hostingif you are opening coupons website. I really suggest you buy the best hosting plan for website. Here comes huge traffic per day and if you are using a cheap hosting plan for coupon websites your server goes down after reaching its limit. If your website goes down for some time you can lose your traffic and money both.
  • Make the website if you are done all above things it’s time to make and setup coupon website. For making website easily choose. It is easily available in your hosting just install by clicking it. After WordPress installing now it’s time to install a theme. Make sure your theme is lite weight and super fast.
  • Include there sign up option the last step to include sign up or sign in option in your website so if someone redeems a coupon from your site you get that it’s email or phone for future promotions. It is the way to reconnect with your consumers by sending email messages for latest coupons.

How to sign up on coupons program platforms

People’s are always confused about coupons websites. If they open some coupons and deals websites, then where they find coupons for his visitors. But you never know some e-commerce websites give you coupons on daily basis for your personal use and that’s coupons you can share with any person. Amazon is one of them. if you have affiliate account on Amazon. then you have to login in it and find your coupons. That’s coupons you can share in your coupons website and sell amazon products through your website. If you selling amazon products through your affiliate links they give you some commission on every product which you sell.

VCommission is another website where you can get couples for your website and publish on it. Here a wide range of coupons is available for you. you can simply sign up as a publisher and fill details like name, address, website URL, bank details to get money for selling coupons and many more. After the whole process completed you are ready to get and publish coupons on your site.

How comes traffic on coupons websites

Basically, the main traffic source for coupon websites is Google. If you want to get traffic in the short term. you have to go for social media platforms. It is the best way to get traffic free of cost. Like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. social media platforms are huge contribution to refer traffic on your website.

Peoples are always searching for coupons and fair deals on the internet. The huge traffic comes on coupons website through Google, Bing, Yahoo, search engines. The big benefit of coupons website is, here conversion rate is very high. Just Think about yourself. if you are searching some discount coupon for buying something and you get coupon discount code on some website. then you can directly click on it and redeem it for buying some product on discount offer. After you purchase a product through a link. They get some commission for selling product. Everyone loves discounts on some purchase.


So guys in this post we know about how to make money through coupons websites, and how does it work. In this post I try to cover some basic things like domain, hosting, theme, and how do you get coupons for the website.

If you have some queries related to this post please ask me I will try to solve it. And if you like this post please share and follow us by enabling push notification button or submitting the email address.

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