How to make money from UC we media program or UC browser

Hello guy’s, in this article I tell you about UC we-media program. What is UC web or UC we-media program, how to sign up on we media program, how can you monetize your UC news articles and What should you don’t do on UC web we media program.
Guys if you really ready to make good money from UC web then make sure you work on it regularly. if you don’t maintain regularity or does not update posts in it, then may be your monetization will be disabled or account will be suspended. To avoid it please post an article on daily basis. Now we know first about what is uc we-media program.

What is uc web or UC-we media program

Uc we media program is basically a news related platform and it is owned by Alibaba Group. Here we media program partners post news through his approved media account. This is the same as news websites so If you like to make decent money from the internet then you have best option to make money online. Here very easy to sign up. If you have lots of follows on UC news, then you have more chances to make $500 or more in a month easily.
On the UC news platform, you can publish news on trending topics to gets views. If your news get viewed, you have more chances to earn money. Uc has own android or ios app which is high amounts of downloads in India. This feature present in the UC app home page so If you ever used UC browser then you see news feed in the home page.
They have also another separate app for news, that is called “UC news app” for news.

How to sign up on UC we media program

On the UC news platform very easy to sign up for any person. if you have some blog or website then it is great for you, if you don’t have any blog so don’t worry they can also sign up by providing an email. So let’s know about sign up process.uc web

  • First, you have to open UC We-media Program or click on link . after that you will redirect on UC we media program page.
  • Now click on sign up option. Here you have to fill up your email and password and accept policy then click on continue button.
  • Now sign in in your email account and check the verification link and click on it for verification. After clicking on a link you will be redirected again on UC sign up account page.
  • Here you have to fill your personal details like name, account type, account name, and pan card detail.
  • After whole options are completed. Once you click on the continue button, your account is submitted for profile approval.

Once you are submitted for approval. now you will have to wait 20 to 30 days for approval. Once your UC account gets approved, then you are ready to publish news articles on UC platform.

How to monetize UC web articles

If you want to monetize your UC we media contents so first, you need to qualify some rules which are made by UC.

  • First, you need 1000 views on any one post of your UC we media.
  • If does not have 1000 views of on any post, so if you want to monetize your content you need at least, 1000 followers.
  • To qualify for monetization, you need equal to or more than 40 index points at least.
  • The last and more important thing is your credit score must be equal or more than 80 points.
  • If your index point is equal or more then 70, then you will receive 20% Ad revenue as a bonus.
  • If your index point is equal or more then 80, then you will receive 30% Ad revenue as a bonus.

If your all things go right, then you can ready to monetize your content and make money.

What should you don’t do on UC web we media program

Please note these points if you never want to lose you UC we media account.

  • Do not publish fake news or videos on it. otherwise, they give you 3 warnings and after that, they remove your account.
  • You need to avoid porn related content and never post any picture that is related to porn or sexual harassment.
  • You have to maintain regularity on your account otherwise you lose your monetization.

Benefits of UC we media program

  • Here you can make easily decent amount by working 2 to 3 hour daily.
  • On the UC web program, you can promote your blogs or YouTube videos easily.
  • There are huge amounts of followers, so you can do easily promotion of your products.


So guys in this post you know about what is UC we media program, how to make money from UC we media program. How to monetize your UC web contents and What should you don’t do on UC web we media program.
Guys, if you think you can make money without doing any work. then it is not possible. If you want to make money from the internet, you have to get ready to do hard work. Uc platform is a good place to make money so If you spend some time on it, you can make 500$ or more.
So guys if you think this post is useful for you then please share this post with your friends so that can know about it And that too could earn money from it. If some doubt on your mind related to this post please don’t hesitate to ask with us.

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