How to make your website or blog GDPR friendly

If you are creating a website nowadays you must have to follow some strict rule to avoid your website terminated or get penalized. If you avoiding or break the rule then have to pay 20 million euros or 4%of your worldwide income as fine. Make sure if your website has come traffic from EU countries then follow the rules. But the big point is how to become your WordPress website to GDPR friendly(compliant). In this article, I tell you guys easy plugins that make your website or blog GDPR friendly(compliant).

The GDPR rules have come into action from 25th may 2018.

GDPR effect on bloggers

Yes, GDPR effects every blogger who is storing the data of Eu country people and also affects who serve goods and services. Goods and services are served in most countries that why many countries are under GDPR law. Make sure if your blog or website is the server in Eu countries then your blog is must be GDPR friendly otherwise you get penalized. If you want to make your blog GDPR friendly then read this article carefully start to end.

Before GDPR the hosting or domain provider public all data of websites owners. Anyone can get personal information like phone number or address. If you want to protect your personal information then you have to pay about that but now it’s free after implementation of GDPR.

Privacy and policy update

If in your blog don’t have privacy policy page in your blog must create it first and if you have already then made changes on it to convert GDPR friendly.

In the privacy policy page, you have to write about which type of data you collecting and why tell it clearly everything about it in your page don’t hide anything. Where you data store, what plugins you use and they use cookies or not. For example, in my blog, I am using tracking software that Google analytics and Google ads that are Adsense that plugins use cookies to make website users experience good you have to mention every plugins and software that collect consider personal data. In the WordPress new update, they mention that how to write privacy and policy page. If you have already then selected and save it.

Install cookies cosent plugin

Before GDPR you don’t give any notice in your website about cookies but after 25th may it is very important to give cookies notification in your website to every visitors.General Data Protection Regulation

Install cookies notification plugin and after installation does some configuration in it and select your privacy page and save it. After that, if someone visits your website they get notify by pop-up.

Wp GDPR Compliance plugin

This plugin fully packages to make your WordPress website GDPR proof. It is free to download and no hidden charges in it. Just find it and download and install it. After installation configure it deeply like if you using contact form 7 plugin then chooses yes on it and set your privacy page which you want to show in notification when people visits on your website. You can also add for the checkbox in the comment section by using this plugin enable this and feel relax. this one plugin give you multi support. After setup first page goes to the checklist and checks all things that you are using in your WordPress website.wp GDPR Compliance

Next is setting page and in it select your privacy policy page. After that request, user data go and check activate set your privacy policy page to explain your terms and after that your website is ready. Save all the things.

In the plugin, you can find easily all data that is submitted by users through comment box, contact form, and newsletter in the export personal data option you can also erase all personal data from one point. This plugin makes you simple to access whole data.

Effect of online business organizations

If you are running some online business and store it does not affect your business. Only do some changes on your website and relax. This is just for security purposes just follow all rules.

Design registration form GDPR friendly(Compliant)

If you have some e-commerce company and you need users data to contact him and also use to get feedback that all data what you need and how that data your company use it all that things mentioned in your policy page. Don’t get any data that do not use. According to GDPR, you have permission to collect only that data which is only you need.

In your registration form do no check automatically any box to accept the policy of your website. Mention all things that your server in your website do not hide anything from consumers when they registering a new account.

GDPR is good or bad

In my opinion, GDPR is a very good law which is passed by European Union. This law gives more power to peoples. Now people’s can control his data and decide who can use his data. Before it, every company store any body data in his database and they also sell his data without his permission. After implementation of this law, they will think about it before selling his data to any third party company. Through this law, if some visitors want to delete his data completely from some company data server then they can do it.

Advantage (benefits) of GDPR

More online data security

After implementation of GDPR EU citizens data become more secure in future. It also gives more security from cyber hackers.

Data maintenance cost is less

Now companies only follow GDPR rule that why they don’t need to do many things on his websites they just hire some security engineers to secure his server.

Gain people’s trust more

If your company security is very high then people’s trust you. Because everyone wants online security when they suffering internet or when doing any bank transfer.

Disadvantage of GDPR

Increase cost

It increases your cost of manpower and many things that need to make your website GDPR proof.

Increase workload on employees more

For some time increase workload in your employees because lots of Changes have to do on your website to make more secure and GDPR friendly.

Small companies can’t afford these things

That is right small companies can’t afford it they can’t hire engineers to make his website secure because software engineers monthly payment is very high in the market but they hire some freelancer to make changes and make his website GDPR proof.

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This is the best law passed by Eu and I think every government has to implement this GDPR law in his country. Online security or cyber security is very important for every country and this is the best law to protect every person data. This law gives more power to peoples. Think once if your personal data know someone how much this is dangerous for you. Through this law, you can protect your own data by yourself. This is also good for businesses and companies they only follow one rule to make his privacy and policy Page.

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