What is Mobile Seo and how to do it perfectly

Mobile SEO

Mobile users are gradually increasing day by day. In the research the total users of mobile internet 54% as compared to desktop or tablet. This is a huge amount of users that mean you can better focus on mobile SEO for the feature.mobile seo

If your website is not optimized on mobile so you are in trouble. Your website rank goes down. Search engines can’t show your website on mobile phones that mean you start losing your organic traffic. Many peoples do this common mistakes and lose his traffic. Today I share perfect ways to make your website mobile friendly.

Responsive website

You may hear about responsive design for the website but what is it. Responsive website design is that which is automatically adjusted with screen size. If you are used the internet in 2010 you saw website are open in different style.responsive pages

Pages are not fitted with the screen size that why people hate website to use. Then Google announced which website has a responsive design that ranked batter in Google SERP (search engine result page).

The people start using responsive design. You can make the responsive website by using CSS and JavaScript. Responsive design gives a better experience for your visitors. In the responsive design easy to find everything which is in your content.

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Website loading speed

Loading speed of the website is mattered when someone visits your website. Make sure your speed of the website is high. If your website loading speed is not good or take more time to the opening website then visiter start boring. after frustrated, they leave your website.

Google always tracking every activity. If your website loading speed is not good than google punished you to reduce your ranking.

You can check your website speed time to time. Many tools available in the market like buzzsumo, semrush, ahrefs etc. By using this SEO tools to optimize your website speed, errors of websites and useless links.

If you are using WordPress then use the wp super cache plugin to speed up your website. This plugin loads your content instantly.

If your website loading speed is high then Google gives your advantage to rank high on SERP. For the loading Speed google launch AMP pages (Accelerated mobile pages). These pages have a high loading speed. It takes 2-3 seconds to load your web page.

Amp (Accelerated Mobile Pages) embedded

Amp is a new project by Google and Twitter. It is introduced in 2015. Through this project increase your website page loading speed. you can learn from hereamp pages

If you are a blogger and want to optimize your blog in Google search result page on mobile. Then use amp pages on your website.

If your website page loading takes too much time. The visitors start frustrating and leave your website without open. That is not good for your Ranking. It increases your bounce rate.

Then your website punished by Google by decreasing your Ranking on SERP. Amp pages reduce your page loading time.

In the amp pages. It has limited HTML and CSS or JavaScript. Which is provided by Google? If you try to use some extra HTML, CSS or Javascript then it shows error or not working. In the amp Page, you have to use always amp tags.

You can check your website by using amp test which is provided by Google. In this test shows your website is amp enabled or not and how much errors in your amp pages. If you are a blogger and worry about your Ranking then always run amp test to check time to time errors if some error comes on your website then solve it quickly as soon as possible otherwise it affects your Ranking status.

Voice search

Voice search is also important for you now and feature. 30% of people’s start search by voice.voice search

They use Google assistant, Alexa, Siri etc To search anything. You make sure your every content also according to voice search. If you want your content search by digital assistants then you track your voice search records in history section present in Google assistant

Your every search recorded by it.

How to give the command. How you talk about anything.

This is a feature of the search engine. People slowly slowly adapting it.

Google bots

Google bots crawlers visit on your site and see your content. If you block some HTML, CSS, JavaScript it’s not good for your website health.

It helps to index your web pages in Google search result page. Actually, Google wants to see your all files for the better search result.

  • Use fetch as Google in the webmaster tool to confirm your website is fully visible.
  • Confirm Your all redirects are working properly as well as in mobile devices.
  • Check robot.text to again confirm your file is not blocked by google search bots

Submit perfectly sitemap

Submitting your website to the webmaster is the first priority for Mobile SEO. Through that, you can inform all the search engines to about your website. Check your website performance at least in 7 days. Webmaster always shows your website performance report. Check error daily or weekly basis if some errors come on your website then fix it as soon as possible. Fix your bad or broken links this is also impacting your website ranking.


  1. Don’t use any automatic tools to make backlinks
  2. Always test your website errors
  3. Don’t block Googlebot to crawl your website. Give them full access to crawl.
  4. Always fix your broken links or redirector with the new one.
  5. Always use responsive design for your website to better optimize on mobile device’s.
  6. Your hosting server response is good otherwise it also affects your SEO. So make sure your server response very quickly if someone visits your website.


According to Google research, mobile users are increasing very fast and google start changes and make his search engine mobile friendly. Now google more focusing on mobile search results. Mobile devices are the feature. If you don’t focus on mobile Seo so your are lose your ranking in SERPs.

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