What is off page seo and on page seo

Off-page Seo and On-page Seo

Off page and on page SEO is two different things. On page SEO is in the article. Write 1000 words article. Your article is relevant to your Audience need. Write meta description with highlight seo word. Write slug medium size not too long or not to be short. Use the image with alt text that gives spot on Google images when people find the image. Use Grammarly to correct your article words.

off page seo

Use tags on every post must be link related article between the content. Use title which is more searching people. Hole things can do by using Yoast plugin this plugin provide lots of great features. It is perfect when doing on page SEO.

  • On page Seo

On page Seo described on the starting.

  • Off-page SEO

Off page SEO

Submit website to search engines

If your website or bolg is new then you have to do lots of things. First of all, submit to Google search console. Simply log in to your Google account and open Google search console. Then add your website in it. After doing that open XML sitemap and submit your website sitemap in Google. After submitted sometime later Google index your website posts or images.


That all things repeat in bing or yahoo or others search engines to index your website.

Build quality backlink

Backlinks are very important for your website. That gives the ranking on Google search page. But quality is back is different. The quality links are that links which come from the same topic from another website.

Backlinks are two types

  1. No follow:- no follow links are that links which is not passing link juice to your website. But it is also important for your website.
  2. Do follow:- Do follow backlinks is that links which passes link juice to your website. It is very important for the website. Google much like those websites which have lots of backlinks.

If you are building backlinks must come from high page authority (PA) and high domain authority (DA). That gives more value to your website in Google eyes.

Backlinks refer audience to your website from other websites. Google when finding page the AI is calculating how Much have backlinks then display results on top and bottom. But not only works on backlinks it sees many more things to display the results.

Use keywords tools to search topic

Before writing article for your blog must research on that topic. Like people search for it or not for keyword research use Google keywords planner or Google trends. It shows topic and what peoples searching on the internet. These tools are 100% free. Keyword planner is showing many more things like CPC, word difficulty or more. If you are using Google trends for topic research then this is also battered. It shows the graph of the topic if graph going up then good and people’s more searching it but if a graph is going down than think about it but that not mean in the feature that not work.

More website provides keyword research tools like semrush, ubersuggest etc. But these are paid.

Internet marketing

Marketing is a part of off page SEO technique. You are giving ads on others website use search engine ads, banners ads etc,

internet marketing

  • Video marking

Video marketing is that when you marketing through videos advertisement on the popular place, shows, on television ads, YouTube ads etc. But nowadays people use YouTube influencers to increase website traffic. This is the best way to tell people about your blog.

  • Image marketing

Image marketing is best for Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing and Pinterest marketing that forums are best for infographic and image marketing. Here you can promote your website or blog through images.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is that way where you post an article to your business or brand related.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another best way to drive traffic to your website. This is the best way to make your blog or website popular. I am also using this strategy and I recommend you to use it widely as possible. If peoples starting knowing you then they come on your website always.

Social media marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a very important part of your off page SEO. Here lots of peoples active and when you sharing your post on social platform lots of chances for people engage with your post.

Guest posting

Guest posting is that thing where you can post the article on the different website. This is a good way to tell other people about yourself. Many peoples doing this and increasing his blog traffic. The big benefit of Guest posting makes one backlink from that article for your website.

Link exchange

Link exchange is that when you put another websites content link in your article and the other side they put your website link in his article. This is a very effective way to increase do follow links for your website. No need to requesting and paying for the link. People using this technique to increase his website rankings in search engines results page(SERP).

Answer the questions

Answering every people question. This is the best way to make the audience and they always come to your website. Everybody wants to solve our problem. You can give support to comes out his problem. If you are helping people when they start trusting you and always connected with you. If you have an audience then your website or blog start ranking higher in Google results.

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