How to reset iphone and remove iphone password

Hello guys, Today in this post I guide you how can you reset your iPhone if you forget your password. As you know the Apple phones security is very hard to break but they give you some easy options to reset your phone if you forget your password or want to reset for any error.

In the many people of mobile devices comes some error like performance problem and software error. So some problems are fixed by just reset the phones But it no so easy if you do some mistake during the factory data reset you lose your whole mobile data from it.

Make your backup before resetting your iPhone

Before restroning your phone take a backup of your whole data. Because when you are resetting or factory data reset your whole mobile data is deleted including internal memory data. So if you have some important photos and videos then move it on some other derive or copy it. And also make a backup of your contact book data so when your resetting your iPhone and your contact data is deleted so you can restore your lost data easily.

Many people do this type of mistakes and they directly restore his phone without taking and backups and after resetting his phone they lose his all data. If you are resetting your iPhone you have the option to take whole data backup on apple cloud. It is safe as compared to anything. One more thing is important when you resetting your iPhone make sure before remove your icloud password before resetting your iPhone. If you don’t do that and reset your phone then your phone is locked after factory data reset. And you can only access your iPhone properly after signing in icloud account that is previously you are entered in it.

How to do factory data reset in iPhone?

If you want to reset your mobile by yourself then first you need to go in the settings option. And first, go to the icloud option and turn off your find my device option its ask for the password.

  • Now your remove your icloud account.
  • After that, you are ready to reset your phone.
  • Go to the general option and scroll down and find the option reset device.
  • Now there are many reset options like reset all setting, erase all content and setting, reset network setting, reset home screen layout, reset location & privacy.
  • Choose which type you want to reset your phone. If you want to reset your phone choose to erase all content and setting.
  • It asks for a password twice.
  • After entering password your iPhone takes a few minutes to reset and after that restarts your phone.
  • Now your phone is reset and ready to use.

How to reset iPhone from computer?

If you want to reset your iPhone device through pc or Mac then first you need to install the latest iTunes software in your computer.

  • Now Connect your iPhone device with your computer with data cable.
  • Now open iTunes software in the computer.
  • After that press power button and volume up/down button to enter the recovery mode screen.
  • Now becomes popup message in your computer.
  • Check summary there is your iPhone details like internal memory, serial number etc. Or there is another options check for update and restore iPhone option.
  • If you want to update your software click on update option or if you want to restore click on restore iPhone option.
  • After clicking restore option it takes few minutes to restore your device.

How to remove icloud password from iPhone?

If you restored your iPhone without removing your cloud password or forgot your icloud password then your iPhone is locked when you reset it.

When you are starting your phone is shows to enter icloud id or password to start the phone. If you know the id or password then enter it and unlock your phone, and if you don’t know or forget the password you need to contact support team or care center of the iPhone.

How I unlock my icloud locked iPhone

When I restored my iPhone without removing the password by mistake, I forget to remove find my iPhone lock. So after restoring, my phone is locked and it says to enter my icloud id or password but I don’t know so I call to the support team of iPhone and I tell my problem they ask me for my iPhone id and said to connect my phone with the Internet for 24 hours. After that, they ask for the bill when I send my iPhone bill to iPhone support team they unlocked my iPhone within a few hours.

If you are not able to talk with the support team then you have to go to the service center with a bill and they can unlock your device easily. But your whole data is erased after this way restoring or unlocking your iPhone.


Many times in our phones problem comes on it and sometimes it fixed by itself and sometimes fixed with restarting device and some time fixed with resetting device or by updating software. But if you are updating your device Or restoring it. before doing that you have to make the backup of your whole data which is present in your device. Because sometimes your stored data is deleted or crashed.

At the end use your phone carefully and don’t lock your phone or does not give the locked phone to your kids. If you like this information then share it with your closest friends or they need to know it.

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