5 Best SEO tools to beat your competitors

5 Best SEO tools to beat your competitors

Backlink has a very important role in your blog. If you want to rank your website then you really want high-quality backlinks for your blog but don’t try to spam with Google. The Google is very smart nowadays. It is working in the AI system and upgrading daily. If you get 20 or 50 backlinks in one day Google smart algorithm detect you and punish your website by drop down your blog ranking or permanent block your blog from search engine.

To live safe in blogging field then you have to read this blog and make your blog safer and Google friendly. I try to solve your problem that is related to blogging. Many people’s think about how to make high-quality backlinks but I told you that is not so easy to get the high-quality backlink. If you want to make it naturally then it takes years but some people’s are very smart they buy backlinks from high authority domains like Neil Patel, backlinko, fobs etc. But they pay a high amount for that. If you are new in this field then you can’t afford it.

Now I come to the point of how to solve this problem. Read full article very carefully.

How to get quality backlinks

Getting backlinks from another website is an off page SEO strategy and you have to follow it. If you are just now started your blog then it takes time to make backlinks for your blog. New blogs are not trustable by google but if in your blog some unique article then you rank your article first page on Google search result.

5 Best SEO tools to beat your competitors

Quality backlinks are very important or your blog. You can make quality backlinks by doing this. First, you check your competitor’s blog with some tools that are told in this blog in the end. After check your competitors you can follow them where they get the backlink and contact him or others bloggers who give backlink to your competitors’ blog. Send him emails and tell him to give a backlink for your blog. This is the best way to create backlinks if you buy backlinks from your other places like freelancing or Fiverr that is not good for you. After some time your blog again losing organic traffic. One more thing when you creating backings for your blog don’t buy in bulks backlinks. Always try to make natural that is hard but it gives the best results for you in the future.

How to create backlinks manually

If you want to create manually backlinks for your blog so it is not so easy but not impossible. You have to try some popular ways to make naturals links. First, you have to post good effective and quality content regularly basis. The benefit of that your content attracts more peoples to read and stick with it after that you approach some bloggers to provide backlinks from his blog. Many people disagree with it but some like your work and confidence and they provide backlinks for your blog.

How to increase domain authority

Domain authority is really important for your blog. It is the symbol of quality in google eyes. But if you think you can increase your DA overnight so it is not possible because it increases with time. You can check out the popular bloggers they are working on his blog for a long time of 7 to 8 years. After a long time working on his blog his domain authority is now 80. So if you work continuously in the blogging field then your DA increase and your blog become popular. If you want to measure your domain score you can use many tools like semrush, Moz, ahrefs. The domain score belongs between 0 to 100 scorecard. If your DA score is between 5 to 30 you can rise easily your DA score 50 in short time But if your DA score above 60 to 70 then it increases slowly to become 100 out of 100.

If you want to increase your domain score 0 to 50 rapidly then you have to create quality content every day and publish it. Your content must be Engaging and good there peoples stick with it. That improves your on time page and you can quickly increase your authority.

Actually, the DA score measure by others companies products google not officially provide these score measuring tool but the experts think it matters for every website or blog.

What is a good domain authority score

In my research, I observed 80 to 90 DA score websites or blog are rank in the top 10 search results. So if you want to rank on the first page of Google in any keyword. You must be sure your DA score is between 75 to 90. But it is in only competitive keywords like digital marketing and making money. If you posting the article which is not published in any blog then you are rank on the first page without any backlinks for SEO. You also don’t need any DA PA score just post a unique article and rank higher on Google or beat your competitors.

Best free backlinks checker tools

If I talking about so tools that are many types present in the market but I recommend you top SEO tools that help to beat your competitors.

5 best SEO tools to beat your competitors.

  • Semrushsemrush is one of best tool present in the market. It is also available in the free version but in the free version lots of limitations on in but if you purchase it then it is the best work for you. All
  • Google keyword planner and Google trends Google keyword planner is one of the best free tools which is provided by Google. If you researching about some niche then just try once this tool for SEO. This tool shows perfect search volume in the search engine.
  • AhrefsAhrefs is an excellent tool for SEO. It has many types of customizing features for SEO. In it, you can check the level of difficulty backlinks of any website and many more things but in it the best feature what is think excellent is article ranking backlink. You can check any keyword to rank how much need backlinks. That is one of the best features. I think no one tool provides this feature now. if anyone provides then I don’t know please suggest me if you know some.
  • MozMoz is another website which is good for content research, website checkup and analysis and things you can do here to make your blog popular and increase traffic.
  • GT matrixGT matrix is an SEO checkup tool for your blog. Here you can check your blog SEO report and fix your error. This tool show page load score and yslow score. If you are a blogger then check your SEO report once in a week.


if you follow these steps in SEO. I think you become a good blogger in the blogging field. now blogging is not so easy as well as past but if you follow your passion then you really become successful after some years. in this blog, I try to answer your most asking questions that are asking in many platforms. please give support and motivate us by commenting on our this blog. we really need your feedback to improve our community.



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