Top 16 PSP or ppsspp emulator games download for android

ppsspp games download

As we know, Downloading and playing games are the most favorite thing for children and also for adults. Sometimes you can’t find PSP emulator games, so in this post to mention all games with download links. So that you can easily download ppsspp games for android phones.
Everyone in their free time want to play games But sometimes our favorites games are not available on Android devices but that are available on PSP users so if you want to play PSP games on your Android device, in that case, you have to download the ppsspp emulator for Android that is available on play store and ppsspp official website.

PSP games like god of war and FIFA are most popular games but as we know pap is too much costly and everyone doesn’t afford it but nowadays everyone has mobile phones so if you want to play ppsspp games then use ppsspp emulator on your android device. Lots of ppsspp games are now available for free and you can simply download these games from emuparadise website.

Here a wide range of top rated ppsspp games are available for you at free of cost but before downloading you have to choose perfect languages because if you download Chinese or other languages game then maybe you can’t play it well. I recommend you to download USA versions for an international player. And also available for all platforms like ppsspp games for android, apple, Windows emulators and more. But before downloading any ppsspp game first choose it, on which device you will be playing.

If you will pay on android device then choose ppsspp game for Android and if you will play on apple then choose ppsspp game for apple.

So if you want to download ppsspp games for Android then here is the list of top ppsspp games with download links. These all games are very popular and while you playing it you will definitely enjoy it. Many peoples also ask questions how to download ppsspp games so here is list is top ppsspp games list & download links.ppsspp games download

Top 16 ppsspp games download for Android emulators users.

God of war ppsspp Game download

God of war is a very popular game on PSP and ppsspp android emulator. In it have amazing graphics and the game is all about on kingdom. In this game have a good mission and weapons. This is an adventure game and you have to complete missions in it to unlock levels. In this game, villains are really super powerful and come stronger as your levels ups. If you want to play god of war game download for ppsspp from here.

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FIFA 6 ppsspp Game download

FIFA 6 game is based on football. This is very famous on PSP platform but now you can also play on your android ppsspp emulator. The graphics are very high and smooth. If you want to play FIFA game download for ppssspp. click on direct download button after opens the new page.

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G.I Joe game also a mission-based ppsspp game. In it, you have to fight with an enemy who makes changes in the human body with the nanotechnology. The game is fully adventureful and when you play this game you never gonna bored. The game graphic is good and clear. To play this game on phone ppsspp emulator you never need too much high specification. It is very good work on 1GB ram and 2GB ram Android devices. If you want to play, Download G.I Joe game for ppsspp from below link. click here on the direct download button.

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Grand Theft  Auto vice city (GTA) ppsspp Game download

The GTA game is a very popular game & one of the best game ppsspp game and it is created by Rockstar. The game graphics are very good and it does not need to play high hardware specifications. In this game a lot of exciting missions. And vehicles on this game is some old but amazing. While you play this game on your android device you really gonna miss your childhood days. In GTA game you can use cheat codes to get unlimited cash, weapons, and vehicles or more things. GTA game for ppsspp android download link is below.

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Resident Evil 2 ppsspp Game download

Resident evil is also very popular game in this game you have to fight with umbrella corporation who created zombies. This is a mission based game and you have to complete missions to get a new level. In this game, you have to kill the zombies and find a way to lock them in it. This is full of action and adventure game. If you see this movie then you can automatically understand the story of this game. The graphics are very good. If you play this game it is never disappointing you. To download resident evil 2 game for ppsspp link is below.

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X-Men Legends Game download

This game is based on the movie. The graphics of this game is high and really amazing. While you play this game on your android device you will feel graphics are realistic and adventureful game. But if on your phone have good hardware then this game will be played smoothly otherwise maybe this is not working on your device. If you want to play X-men legends game download it from the link below.

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Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur is another two-way fight game like Tekken. In It you can choose your favorite character and fight with your opponent. The graphics of the game is very good. And the size of the iso file around 400 MB. if you love fight games so it is a good game for you and you loved it. To download Soul Calibur game for ppsspp here.

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Ben 10 Game download

This game is based on a very popular cartoon series ben 10. This is a very famous cartoon show that is telecast on cartoon networks. This game is mission type and in it, you will get aliens powers after completing missions or after increasing your game level. If you are a fan of Ben 10 series so while you play this game so definitely you will love it. Now if I talk about its graphics so it is good but not so high. But if you want to play this game then you need at least 3gb ram. To download Ben 10 game for ppsspp link is below.

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Need for speed ppsspp Game download

Need for speed game is also a very popular game on PSP and if you want to play on android so you have to use ppsspp emulator on android. This game is also available on the computer. The need for speed game is based on car racing. In it have different types of racing modes and levels that you will love it. The graphics of this game is very good and sharp while you play this game you loved it. Iso itf you want to play need for speed game download ISO file link is available on the below.

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Prince of Persia – RIVAL SWORDS

This game is also based on the movie. The story of the game is to protect their kingdom from wazir who try to steal from him. The game has very good missions and also it is an adventure game. If I talk about its graphics so it is very good. The size of the game is 773MB. This is a very popular game on PC and PSP or ppsspp emulator. To download Prince of Persia-RIVAL SWORDS game for ppsspp link is below.

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Spider Man 2 ppsspp Game download

For Spiderman character lover this game is very good. But for other whole adventurers game or fight games, I recommend never download it. This game is quite boring for those who love battle games. The game graphics are amazing and ultra HD. In this also have missions like save people from criminals and fight with criminals. In this game also have spiderman favorite moves and actions. If I talk to you about the size of game then it’s size is around 500 MB. TO download spiderman game for ppsspp android link is below.

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Marvel’s ultimate aliens

This is an action game and in it, you can play your favorite character of marvel avengers series. This game is very popular and highly rated game and if you are a marvel fan then you should have to play it. The graphic of game is amazing and the game of size is around 1GB. If your mobile hardware is latest and high so you will go for it otherwise, in your mobile does not work well. Marvel’s ultimate aliens game download for ppsspp link below.

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Dragon Ball Z

This is another famous cartoon. our childhood memories with This cartoon. Dragon Ball Z game is similar like as Tekken but the character in it taken from the cartoon. You can play your favorite character in this game. Now if I talk about its graphics so that is very nice and smooth. If I talk about this game so in it you have to knock out your competitor twice to win the game. If you want to play Dragon Ball z ppsspp game download link in the below.

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The Godfather

The Godfather game is like some GTA. in it you have to complete missions that are provided you. It is a very popular game on PSP and ppsspp emulator platforms. The game has very high graphics and you will love it while playing this game. Download godfather game for ppsspp from here. click on the direct download button.

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GTA San Andreas Game download

GTA San andreasAndreas game is released after Voice city game getting popularity so they decide to launch some new and upgraded version with new features. Few months of After launching it is also getting popularity propels also playing this game till now. Now if I talk about its graphics so it is very good and the game size around 1Gb. You don’t need too much heavy hardware to play this game. if you want to play GTA San Andreas download for ppsspp link is below.

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Tekken 6 Game download for ppsspp

Tekken is the most popular game on the PSP platform but now you can also play this game on android mobile by using the emulator. It has very good graphics and this game is much improved by its developers. In this game, you have to fight with another computer fighter and you have to knock him out. The good thing about this game is that you can play this game offline and no needs to high hardware specifications to play it. Download Tekken 6 game for ppsspp android emulator link is here.

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So guys in this post we know that about some top ppsspp games for Android device. And how can you download it? In this list, we tell you about some adventure games, some battle games, fight games and more.

If you want to play these games so download link of every game on the below. In our list, we also put some most popular games. If you want to download more ppsspp games so emuparadise is the best website. Here you can find newer games with category wise and also you can choose language-wise.

So guys if you like this list of games please share with your friends and tell them and also if some problem with any download link please tell us in comment or chat option with a specific game.
We hope you love this list of ppsspp games.


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