What is content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is when you promote any type of content in text, video, infographic, image, everything is called content marketing. In this Page you seeing everything is a content. Nowadays people write good and helpful content on our blog or website and generate revenue through the website. It is not an easy thing to rank website or blog in Google, Bing and other search engines. Lots of time taken by the search engine to rank your website because the competition is very high. Lots of people started blogging. But if you are consisting of your website or blog then you will definitely become successful.

Types of contents

Basically three type of content always available in maximum websites.

content marketing

Images or infographics – on this post. You can see images and infographics that can help to understand better. Yes, the infographics content is faster understand by people’s as compared to text contents.

For example – ┬ápeople can fast understand traffic symbols as compared to text written.

Video content – video contents is that contents which give information through videos. If you are the student then you can learn through videos faster and better as compared to text. Because here you can give more attention as compared to text. The text looks like boring. When I was a student. I am also learning through YouTube videos in my college days.

Text content – Text contents is that contents. which you are reading this article. Text contents are very informative but sometimes looks boring. But if you’re interested in reading. Then it gives lots of information. You can learn everything through articles. Here lots of websites available nowadays like education, entertainment, stories, comics etc. Lots of contents available on the internet. If you are interested in learning then start reading informative contents and grow your knowledge. If you are a blogger or some website owner and you also write articles. Before writing an article make sure your content must be creative, informative and easy to understand. You can always write good content. In my opinion first lots of research on the topic which you have to write a content. After that write properly your article in steps. Like this article. Then include images, infographics, and videos that is give good looks your article and also helps to understand your content easily.

What skill need for writing a good, useful and attractive content

If you want to be a good content writer. First, start learning. You can learn from reading website articles. Start watching videos on YouTube. Start observing blogs content how they write. How they do SEO on our page.

content writing skills

In the starting time period. You start writing at least 300-word post. After you gaining experience you will automatically start increasing your content length.

Before posting every content on your website first decide particular topic about your content. Then start researching on it. You can use all sources like internet, start reading blogs, join polls, concentrate on peoples reviews, learn through books, everywhere to start gaining knowledge.

After you satisfied, then write your content.

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Content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies

Create useful content

You can create always useful, attractive and the most important informative content. If someone comes on your blog for information. then he/she always want information on your blog. Before posting any article on your blog must research about it like what’s that history, how is work, and is it useful in nowadays. If your blog is original, unique and gives useful information to people. They always revisit your blog on the regular basis. That also gives you more up ranking spot in Google, Bing, and others search engines.

Which audience you targeted

If you don’t know about your audience which has you are targeted. You never get success in the marketing field. First, you start knowing your audience. Know about their needs. What they want from you. To know about your targeted audience start polls. Get feedback from it. Solve their problems in short time as possible.

Publish different platform

If you are guest posting on another popular website which has high domain authority. That is good for your brand awareness and its effects your organic traffic. people start searching your website.

If you are guest posting. you can create backlink through the guest posting from different websites. If you have lots of high-quality backlinks from high authority domains. That really good for you. It shows your website on the first page of Google.

Share content on the different platform

If you can share your contents on social platforms where have lots of traffic. People started engaging with you. You can start joining groups on social media and share your content on the related group on which topic you write a content.

Groups are best to gain traffic. it’s free to join.

Share your website contents links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. it is really helpful for marketing purpose. Here you can engage your content with people and make trust. 80% people trust on website content, so that make sure your content must be original and gives information what people needs or people visit for.

Sharing is the best option for marketing your brand. It is totally free.

For brand awareness, you can create YouTube channel and gives the tutorial on about your experiences.


You can promote your website through Google AdWords and Bing ad network but it is totally paid. Lots of website brands use this for gain visitors to his website.