What is infographic or how to make an free infographic


Infographic is one type of graphic representation to help understand the data, structure, and information. Nowadays it’s using suddenly increased by various places like traffic lights, hospitals, public places etc. Bloggers also used this trick to increase its blog traffic and Google ranking factors. This is very useful for nowadays.


How to help increase traffic to blog with uses of the infographic

When someone comes on your blog to get some information from your blog. But you only write in words on your blog and no any graphical representation. He is can’t understand quickly the words as compared to graphics representation. Doctors also recommend our brain more quickly understand graphics representation as compared to words only. The graphical representation is also given great look your blog. Your blog looking more clean and attractive. That’s why people stick with it and more time spend on your blog. By spending more time on your blog. Your session duration increase and Google rank your blog on the first page.

Here understand with examples

When in the office we work on any project and when representing the project in the front of the boss. we used picture visuals for better understand. But in pictures, all information included on it. In the form of pictures, direction, and text. That is the infographic. traffic infographic

When we are traveling from one state to another and we saw a lot of signs and direction on the side of the road and in form of banners and text. That is also infographic.
It means any data present in the form of graphics and text in the pictures which help to better understand that is called infographics.

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Where to make infographic designs

Nowadays many websites provide tools and software to make online infographic designs. I personally recommend canva.com to make infographic visuals. It is available in free and paid version. If you are using free version it’s also good but in the pro version, more effect graphics and tools present for your that make really next level of your designs.

Here some more websites where you create infographics designs

But others two websites are not used by me. That’s why I can not tell about them. But I am using canva.com free version it’s also good.

How to help infographics increase your blog traffic


When someone comes to your blog to get some type information. The peoples start reading and try to understand but some reason he can’t understand or confused. Then looks at your infographic picture. There is all information available in step to step from with pictures with text. It helps to understand better without any confusion. After satisfaction, he leaves your website. But in next time he also comes first on your website to get other information and also tell about it to others peoples about your website.


  1. It helps easy to understand as compare text.
  2. Peoples catching and understanding power 80% high as compared to text.
  3. Text pictures like infographics help to index in google ranking.
  4. It gives a great and colorful look of your blog. that’s why peoples more attract and revisit your website. that is also good sound for you and your website.


  1. This is not easy to make. If you have knowledge about graphics designing then. its some simple for you.
  2. That is more time consuming to make one visual
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