What is online marketing or internet marketing

What is internet marketing or online marketing?

Internet marketing or online marketing refers to advertising. The effort that uses the web and email to drive direct sale via electronic commerce in addition sale leads from website or emails.


Internet or online marketing is very useful to grow our business in these days. Lots of E-companies provide online marketing options like Google, Facebook, twitter etc. There is a huge amount of traffic comes on these websites. These websites provide lots of tools to target our specific audience, specific state, the specific area for an advertiser to target our audience where they want and charge amount for only this nothing else.  It is easy to operate and target our audience where you want to sell our products.

Why Google, Facebook, Twitter is the best way to advertise your product?

Google is a very popular search engine today. Every person uses the Google search engine to search anything. The huge amount of people come on google site and use it. Google also provides lots of advertisement options. It provides a keyword ideas search option for target consumers.

#Pay per click marketing

Pay per click marketing is an only pay for the click on your advertisement where people visit on your website by clicking on your posted advertisement.

#Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a posting advertisement for our product on the search engine. post ads on search engine sidebar. bid on keywords and show search related results on top.

#YouTube marketing

YouTube marketing is very useful for your brand. By posting many types of ads on youtube skippable ads, non-skippable ads, Banners ads, give sponsorships popular youtube of our products etc.

#Website marketing

Website marketing is a posting ad on a particular website where comes traffic in huge amount. The average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 to $2 on the search network. The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing ads cost $50 or more per click.

Online marketing is very easy and fastest way to increase our selling. Today lots of peoples are using internet marketing to expand our business and increase our selling.

Why internet marketing useful then ground marketing?

Internet marketing is providing more reach in specific areas in less time and less money. The ground marketing is very costly. On ground marketing first hire marketing employs and pay lots of money for advertising our product and no grantee to increase you’re selling and they also advertise your products those peoples who are not interested in buying your product. Another way internet marketing is more effective than ground marketing. It is done by yourself easily target your audience by using lots of tools. It is less costly as compared to ground marketing.

Popular ways to do digital marketing

ways of digital marketing

Facebook & Twitter marketing

It is a type of social marketing where lots of people using this social media sites it is another good way to advertise your product the full article on social media marketing click here.

Content marketing

Content marketing is that way of marketing through articles, videos, images any type of content. You can give reviews about products on your articles, videos, and images to your audience.

in the content marketing, you have to do lots of things.

Very first thing is seoseo is drive traffic from search engines to your website. this is very important when you doing content marketing.

then you can use infographics to promote your content business. it gives information about your product through the image. click to read full

Instagram marketing & Pinterest marketing

Instagram and Pinterest is image or infographics based marketing platform. Here you can post quality images which are relevant to your business. Use advertising to boost engagement with more people. You can make brand awareness through advertisement. If people know you they also come to get your services.

#Mobile marketing

In the mobile marketing your can do marketing through different ways. Here you can market through mobile Apps, SMS, location-based etc. But SMS and apps marketing is the best option for Mobile Marketers. 100 of 90 people are always seen your SMS that why we give first priority SMS marketing. Other marketing ways people engage less.

#Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a referral program. where peoples refer to other products and sell it and in return, these people get a commission. May people doing this and generate lots of extra money. It is a way to promote your product and services. click to read full


Quora is a place where people share his experiences. Here you can ask any question related to your problem. Here experts give solutions. Many peoples used quora. Here you can promote your product and services to people.

Make strategy

marketing plan

Make strategy first, plane everything before put somewhere advertisement. Many peoples did mistake they don’t plane and simply puts ads. That way they don’t sell his product.

Use analytic data

Use analytics data to find the right customer for you. Check how much people engage with your advertisement and how much convert into your customer.

Get feedback

Get feedback from your customers. Improve your product and your services on the regular basis. Take seriously your consumer recommends. Never ignore questions of your consumer always give the answer what they ask. Take seriously your consumer complaints and solve it quickly as possible.

Use social marketing

Use social network for marketing your brand. Social media is very important for your brand awareness. You can advertise here.

Use keyword planner and Google Adwords

Use keywords planner for seo. Go for search engine ads, Banner ads publish on the different website which helps to drive high amount traffic on the daily basis.

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Internet marking is an important factor for your newborn business. This will make awareness for your business in the market. on the internet peoples, more time spend as compared to other things. In my opinion, if you are doing some online based business or selling ebooks on the internet you have to go for internet marketing because here conversion rate is very good.