what is social media marketing

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing for business is one of the best & cheapest or easy ways to reach the new audience to promote your products. Because huge amounts of people using social media like (Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, YouTube etc.) and spend more time on it as compared to other activity.  it is the best way to advertise your product and promote it. Today many companies are using social media advertising to promote our products. online stores also using social media to increase our selling.

social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) the act of creating brand awareness to drive targeted traffic from social media sites.

Today online stores are also in large amount advertising on social media about our product.

For example:- if you have visited any e-commerce website for buy any product. after some time we log in our social media account. we always see this product view on our page in the form advertisement.

  1.    Social Media: – Websites like Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, YouTube, etc. where users share some kind of media (e.g. videos, images, songs, texts, etc.).
  2.    Social Bookmarking: – Websites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, etc. where users can bookmark their favorite URLs and share them publicly.
  3.    Social Apps: – With the increasing usage of Smartphones, we can’t afford to ignore the importance of social apps like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter where users can interact with our products.

Why is social media marketing important in these days?

If you are not using social media marketing for your products or your company then you are fool because it is a very cheapest way to promote your products or company as compared to tv advertisement. It gives more engagement with your consumers as compared to television ads. Here you can target your audience or place and pay only for targeted audience or place in other tv advertisements will charge for whole advertisement fee. Social media is also giving popularity to your brands or company that also makes you rich.

How to make your website or blog GDPR friendly

Popular Social Media Sites:

YouTube – Everyone knows about youtube social media platform they are you can share our videos. In every phone or web user watch videos online first on youtube. If you are promoting your brand best place for it.

Facebook – Facebook is another best social media platform for promotions. Facebook also introduced new option marketplace. There you can sell directly anything to your customers. Here the huge amount of people’s spending time on facebook. If you are doing some online based business here you can create the brand page and promote is and engaged with peoples.

Google+ (Also impact search engine ranking) – google plus is also very useful for your business promotions and gives the ranking on google search engine which is also a good effect on your business.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is important for your business here you can search employee for your business which helps to become next level of your business.

Pinterest – Pinterest is social media platform where you can share brand or product images and sell anything on it.

Instagram – Instagram is image and videos sharing app where you can promote your brand and make your brand popular.

A strategy used in social media marketing

Making strategy for your business advertisement. Then social media is the best place for your business. Here you can advertise your brand at a flexible price.

Few things to do before advertising on social media.

First, you will clear about your targeted audience. If you are advertising on Facebook. It is a great platform for your business. Create your brand page and setup it. After that choose your audience by age group, gender, location and according to its work profile. Suppose if you are selling some marketing eBook through social media platform. You want to show your ads with your related product audience. Then here you can choose it constantly.

Some marketing strategy which is used by peoples

Sharing and reward marketing

Here you will tell the people to share your product and give good reviews of a product. the company will reward those people for permitting & sharing his product on group circle and community.

Influence marketing

Influence marketing is work when you contact some people which have lots of followers and tell him for product promotion. You can understand with an example- suppose I am running some popular YouTube reviews channel. there I am giving reviews about products and services and also people are trusted on me because I am giving good products of reviews. There is Some company launch his new product and they contact me for our product promotion because of I have the audience. When I will tell about his product good things. Then my audience who really need that product and who is interested in buying it. they will buy.


Image or infographics marketing 

Here we will be marketing images. Nowadays Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest are very famous. There are comes traffic on billions of amount in every single day. So think about it. You can always put your ads. Where people engaged in your advertisement. Here you can tell about your products through images and if you giving some type of service then you can use infographic images. There is information about your service in the image.

Video marketing

Video marking which type of marking here you can tell about your products through video. You can always see on tv and YouTube screen. When you watching some show on tv or YouTube. theirs comes advertisement between the show. The video advertisement is very effective. This comes in the notice on your audience quickly as compare to other advertising methods.

Content marketing

Content marketing is marketing through website or blog. Many Companies like fashion, travel, and books related products selling through blogs. They contact with popular bloggers or website owners and told him to write a blog about his product related and tell good things about his product. Then people who’re interested in his product they buy it. Bloggers also do affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing is also working on this method. Where bloggers write a blog about products review and related product link share on between the article.

Benefits of social media advertising

  •         You can reach a large amount of audience and advertise our product.
  •         You can sharply target our audience like the place, city, village, school, college, to sell our products.
  •         Social media gives large amounts of an audience in flexible prices.
  •         Social media gives Better visibility and popularity for your product.
  •         Social media helps to increase annual turnovers and profit.


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