what is SSL certificate and how to install free

What is SSL certificate

SSL certificate is that certificate which provides the guarantee for secure browsing data transfer between user and website. If your browser shows green padlock when you are visiting any website that means that website is secured by SSL layer. SSL certificate is many types but generally, we use standard SSL certificate for our WordPress websites. The full name of HTTPS is Hypertext transfer protocol.

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Basically, these are two types SSL and TLS. But TLS used for high-security purposes like bank, e-commerce, govt and education sectors where more security is needed. But nowadays every website owner used SSL certificate because Google announced they rank higher which website is secured by SSL and TLS. that’s why every blogger or website owner used standard SSL certificate. that is is not much costly.

Types of SSL certificate

Basically three types of SSL certificate

  • Standard D.V SSL
  • Deluxe SSL OV
  • Premium SSL EV
  • Wildcard SSL

Standard D.V SSL– the Standard D.V has also known domain verification SSL. that is also two types positive SSL and Essential SSL. if you buy SSL only for content security so I prefer only buy positive SSL.


Premium E.V SSL– E.V SSL is only used by big organization or companies. It is also so costly and needs more verification of the place, company details etc. it is very secure SSL for those websites who use online transactions. Mostly this SSL used banking sectors and where security is very important.


Wildcard SSL– wildcard SSL is used by education sectors or big organizations. personal detail of website identity is present in it. If you want your SSL to work well with your Subdomain so you can buy Wildcard SSL.

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How to buy SSL certificate

Many website or companies sell SSL certificate. Godaddy is the best option for SSL here you can buy and easily install SSL. But many peoples have not enough money to buy SSL. so, in that case, some websites provide free standard SSL.

These websites provide free SSL certificate. If you can’t have money to buy SSL here you can get free SSL.

How to install SSL certificate in website

  1. Go to the website https://www.sslforfree.com and add the domain.
  2. Click on manual verification then click button manual verification domain.
  3. Then pop up the Verification Files.
  4. Download these two files and upload to your file manager.
  5. Before upload on file manager¬†Create a folder that named “.well-known” if it does not already exist.
  6. Create another folder in the .well-known folder that named “acme-challenge” if it does not already exist.
  7. Upload downloaded files in it.
  8. Then verify by clicking on those two links that are given
  9. After verifying download certificate and login in cpanel.
  10. After login to cpanel select and click on SSL/TLS. Here you can paste the certificate and private key on the boxes name wise. after that click on install button.
  11. Now your certificate install and ready to work.
  12. Now install really simple SSL plugin on your WordPress website. its redirect your website HTTP to https secure connection.

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SSL certificate Help in google ranking

Google also said if your website is secured by the SSL layer then google give a high ranking on page index. Because Google never wants any third person collect data or personal details when they are using the website or any financial transactions. Nowadays attackers attacking website daily. Google wants to give people Safe Experience.

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