What is Signal App, Why Best Alternative Of Whatsapp

Signal App, Nowadays everyone has expressed concerns about using popular messaging apps. They believe that to maintain privacy, these applications and services are not secure enough.

This is the reason why people are becoming more and more interested in the Signal app.

As WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy, it has attracted widespread attention on the Internet. Signal has been one of the top WhatsApp alternatives recently.

A lot of people have announced their intention to delete WhatsApp and switch to Signal. If you want to know all the fuss, here is Signal’s introductory material, which can answer all your questions.

What is Signal App? Who owns Signal App? Why Signal App is more Secured than WhatsApp? Is Signal safe? For all the answers, keep reading.

What is Signal App? How to Download Signal app

The signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app. The Signal can be downloaded free of charge and was developed for individuals and groups to send encrypted text, images, audio, and video messages.

Signal is suitable for all the popular platforms such as Android, iPad, and iPhone. The signal is also available for desktop users, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Signal App Mobile users can also make encrypted calls to other this App Mobile users.

Signal App Key Features –

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Free To Download
  • Allows free sharing of videos, images, texts, GIFs, and files
  • Provide clear voice and video calls for free anywhere in the world
  • Use encrypted stickers to add new emotions to your conversation.
  • Also, allows you to create and share your own sticker packs.
  • Through group chat, you can easily keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • No ads, no affiliate marketing, and no creepy tracking in Signal.
  • The signal is an independent nonprofit organization.

Who owns Signal App?

Signal Messenger LLC is a software company that developed Signal App. Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton created the company in 2018.

The company is owned by a tax-exempt non-profit company called Signal Technology Foundation, which was also established in 2018.

Unlike Facebook, the owners of Signal did not even seek to make money. Signal will not attempt to collect data about you or display advertisements to you.

Signal App VS WhatsApp?

Each app has its strengths and shortcomings. The biggest strength of Signal is its privacy focus, which means it encrypts messages, calls, group calls, and even searches for gifs.

As WhatsApp users consider leaving the platform, Signal’s user downloads have increased significantly this week. However, the amount of user data collected by these two applications- ownership and ease of use are different.

The privacy-first instant messaging app Signal has won the reputation of WhatsApp’s main competitor.

To help you determine which to use, here’s a rundown of the main differences between the two encrypted messaging platforms.

OwnerNon-Profit Signal FoundationWhatsApp is parent Company of Facebook
User InterfaceFewer customizable features than WhatsAppEasy To Use
PlatformsAvailable on iOS, Android, and Desktop.Both iOS and Android Devices
DownloadFree To DownloadFree To Download
Audio RecordingYesYes
MediaImages/Video/Audio/DocumentsImages / Video /Audio / Contacts /Files / GIFs
Location SharingNoYes

In WhatsApp, if you want to write a note to yourself you need to create a single person group. But the Signal has the option to write a ‘note to self.’

Although Signal has a very familiar interface, it is very different behind the scenes.

Your Signal communications are encrypted end-to-end, ensuring they cannot be tracked by even the owners of Signal.

How to download Signal App?

After knowing signal offers great security in their app so If you are now thinking to download the signal app for your mobile phone or Desktop So Please read it carefully.

Download Signal App For Android

  • To Download Signal app for Android, First Go to the Play Store.
  • Now Click On Search icon and type “Signal App”.
  • Now Signal app will appear on your screen and click on it.
  • Now the last step is tap on install button to download signal on your phone.

Download Signal App in iOS (iPhone)

  • To Download Signal app on iPhone, First, go to the app store.
  • Now tap on search box and type here signal app.
  • After signal app appearing on your screen, tap on it.
  • Now here last step is tap on install button.

Download Signal App on Desktop (Windows or Mac)

  • To Download Signal app for desktop, first, go to signal.org.
  • Now here Click on Get signal button that is in the Menu bar.
  • Now here you can choose Signal app for you want Windows or Mac.
  • If you Want for Windows then click on download for windows.
  • After Download, install it on your desktop computer or laptop which you are using.

Why Signal is more secure than WhatsApp?

The Signal is better than WhatsApp in respect to privacy features. If you care about app functionality, then WhatsApp will lead.

All signal communications including one-to-one texts, community messages, file transfers, images, voice calls, and video calls are encrypted. Only the persons involved in the conversation will see them. Encryption occurs between the various devices that use Signal.

The company that operates Signal, even if wanted to, could not see these messages. For this Encryption, Signal created its own encryption protocol.

As an optional feature, some Messengers provide encrypted messaging. However, all content on Signal is always encrypted by default.

Other privacy features are also supported by Signal, including self-destructing (disappearing) messages. Because of this feature messages will be automatically deleted after a period of time.

Signal will only display the phone number of your account, the date of last connection, and the time of account creation.

The security of Signal is better than WhatsApp. Both WhatsApp and Signal use encryption protocols, but Signal’s encryption protocol is completely open-source.

The meaning of open source is that it can be checked by security researchers for vulnerabilities. Yet WhatsApp uses a proprietary deployment of its own. The main security breach of WhatsApp is its cloud backup option, which stores your chat history in Google or Apple’s cloud without end-to-end encryption. For security reasons, Signal does not provide any such options.

Signal achieved even greater mainstream recognition at the beginning of 2021.WhatsApp is revising its privacy policy to share more data with Facebook. And many people obviously want to take the conversation out of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision and accept privacy protection.

How the Signal recognizes you?

You are not anonymous, even though your communications on Signal are private. To register for Signal, you only need a phone number. Your phone number is your identifier for talking to someone on Signal.

It will request access to the contacts on your phone when you sign up for Signal. To identify the Signal Users, Signal securely scans the contact. It just checks the phone numbers and sees if these phone numbers are also registered on Signal.

Some FAQs Related to Signal App

1. Is the Signal App Private? Can I believe it?

The chats of the Signal is always end-to-end encrypted. This means that only the intended recipient can read or hear them.

You can use the security number to confirm that the server is operating properly and is communicating with the correct person.

2. Can we see the source code of the Signal App?

The full source code for the Signal clients and the Signal server can be found on GitHub.This allows interested parties to check the safety and correctness of the code.

3. Will Signal send my phone number to my contacts?

Until you give them a message or make a call, Signal does not send your phone number to anyone. The Signal service does not know your contacts. The data belongs to your phone.

Registration alerts are never sent in either direction by anyone at all; your phone generates these notifications.

4. How Signal is more secure than WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp, backups and metadata are not encrypted. Metadata is used to communicate between the two endpoints.

Signal provides the safest means of communication you can get on the internet in terms of user privacy.

By default, it uses a four-digit password to encrypt all local files. It also supports group calls that are encrypted.


The new privacy policy of WhatsApp hints that the app will collect a lot of data and it will be shared with Facebook.Facebook has no good track record in handling user data.

If you calculate end-to-end encryption for all chats, Signal will be more secure, but you may lose some features.

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